23 March 2013

Soulflower' AND Purplle.com's Bloggers Meet [Mumbai]

Friend: "Where were you last Sunday?"
Me: "You mean 17th of March?"
Friend: "yeah, the very same!"

Me: "I was at the Spaghetti Kitchen, Inorbit Malad, enjoying my Sunday afternoon with fellow bloggers at the  Purplle.com & Soulflower's Bloggers Meet!"
Friend: "That's Wow! Tell me more about it."

Here goes the "more" about it, for all of you! :)

The Bloggers meet was organised by Purplle.com & Soulflower India

The teams welcomed all the bloggers with a Maroon Velvet Goodie Bag. 

The Bag contains: A Diary, Pencil, Rubber, A Rose,
Chocolate and a Candle (Pics below)

Even though I was 30 minutes late to the event the team were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable.
As soon as I entered the venue which was The Spaghetti Kitchen, Inorbit Malad; I could see my fellow bloggers standing surrounding a table and talking to each other. As I kept my things aside and went ahead, I saw the table full of Soulflower Products ranging from the variety of Soaps, Massage Oils, Essential Oils, etc. I made a mental shopping list as I looked through the aromatic products.
Have a look...

Table full of Soulflower Products
The products showcased were amazing. I tried a few of them and they are indeed in my shopping list. This session also included "Summer Care" tips by Amit Sarda, CEO, Soulflower
Amit Sarda, CEO, Soulflower
Post this, Pankaj Balani - Head, Purplle.com Salons introduced the new feature of "Salon Finder".

Interactive session with Pankaj Balani, Purplle.com
The new feature lets you find the nearest Salon to your place in not just Mumbai but other cities as well. However the feature is still under work but will be available soon. I personally feel that a feature like this not only helps you to save your time but lets you choose, wisely! They also have rate cards for all their salons - amazing help right?

The interactions were accompanied by yummy lunch at the restaurant. I personally love Italian cuisine and when it comes to Pizza, oh god I am taken!

Post Lunch we all were taken to the Soulflower store in the Inorbit Mall for a live session on "How to make a Soap". This was something I was really looking forward to in this meet and I swear, it didn't let me down. The demo was instructed and taken care by Natasha Tuli, Co-Founder, Soulflower. She made the "Pink for Skin" soap right in front of our eyes. That was the first time I have seen a soap "in making" and oh bowy, believe me... it was an amazing experience. Natasha has been making soaps since her teenage life and her passion was evident on her face when she made the soap during the demo. No preservatives, all natural ingredients and a beautiful aroma. Natasha was open to challenges and has taken up one of making a Soap of Bitter Gourd (Karela). I am just wondering, is it possible?

Natasha Tuli, Co-Founder, Soulflower India
"How to make a Soap" Live Demo!
The meet came to and end with this amazing goodie bag, Natasha gave to all the bloggers! :)

Soft and beautiful "Soulflower Girl" Bag (: <3 It took my heart in first sight! want to know what was inside? Have a look...

2 Aromatherapy Roll on in Feel Sexy & Energy Boost
Hazelnut & Jojoba coldpressed oils
Soaps: Orange Carrot Detox & Everskin Lavender
You see that Rose? that's my fav.! (welcome Goodie Bag)
Bathing Scrub
Pretty Candle 
(welcome Goodie Bag)
Pamphlets of their product details

More pictures...

All is well that ends well :)
The afternoon was amazing and I am going to cherish it all my life!

Fellow Bloggers
Me with Swati from FoodFashionFunn

Thank you Soulflower India and Purplle.com for this amazing and refreshing experience :)

- To follow Soulflower on Facebook: 
To follow Purplle.com on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letspurplle?group_id=0

Hope you all liked this post! <3
Do check out Purplle.com and Soulflower India


22 March 2013

Its time to say Bye...

You all must have read the recent news about Google Reader - it being pulled off the internet? That's bad. I mean personally, I really loved it. May be they have something better against it for us?
Yesterday i was chalking out various ways you all can probably follow me since if Google Reader is going down then even the GFC will. :(

How we all can keep in touch?
1. Bloglovin
- This is a great option to have all the blogs you follow at one single place. Bloglovin makes your Blog Reading time easy and fun. It tells you the blogs you haven't read and the options at one platform. You can even categorize your blogs. No need to open loads of windows now! :D

Here's the link to my Bloglovin Profile - http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/3739711
Hope to see you all there!

2. Twitter
Twitter is the place to talk to the bloggers and even the brands you love. Direct and upfront. Follow the latest and everything which is new! Twitter gives you an option of 140 characters but that's not a problem when you now what you have to say.
Let's tweet together.
Here: https://twitter.com/LeoAmore6

3. My Facebook Page
This is where all the action happens apart from Blog.
My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/alilofeverythingblog?fref=ts

3. Pinterest
Let's all make some beautiful boards and follow each other there?
Pinterest is fun. I really love it! Its like a virtual scrapbook or an online dream closet?
Here's my Pinterest profile link: http://pinterest.com/momo246g/

4. IndiBlogger
A Blogger? Indian? That's the place to be!
Indiblogger is a platform to indulge in various discussions, take part in contests, reviews and get to "know" bloggers from various fields.
Here's my profile: http://www.indiblogger.in/blogger/44746/

5. Blogadda

is the largest community of bloggers in India. We provide a platform to showcase Indian bloggers and help them promote to a large audience. BlogAdda has features that helps bloggers connect to other bloggers thereby forming a powerful network. For readers, there is a brilliant variety of content aggregated in a variety of useful forms.
Features like Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday is loved by all the bloggers :)

these are some of the places I am always there! :)
Do keep in touch!

I will miss you Google Reader :)

19 March 2013

Beauty and Makeup Goodies from Sweet & Bitter Blog

Last month I won something really gorgeous. Something that I did not expect at all. The day the winners were, I remember I was dancing. I am talking about my winnings on The Sweet and Bitter Blog. I won the 2nd prize of her Anniversary Giveaway. This post is dedicate to the blogger Shayoni and the super awesome goodies I received after winning her giveaway <3

Do you see the goodies? Oh, I love them sooo much!
What I won:
  • Maybelline the Colossal Kajal
  • Colorbar Velvete Touch Lipsitck In Peach Crush
  • New U Nail Polish in Celeste, Pixie, Apple Green (3)
  • QVS Brush and Comb Set &
  • Tweezer

I am going to review all the winnings. Esp. these Nail Polishes! 
Thank You Shayoni and all the best for Blogging! (Y)

Like what you see? Do comment!

Megha Shrimali

18 March 2013

Photography Workshop at Navi Mumbai

I Love Photography. Not that I am a photographer but my best friend - Gaurav, few friends, some college juniors and even my sister is! So what's that, they do which makes them great photographer? 
They KNOW their photography, their camera and just love what they capture :) I want to learn Photography too. Like; in and out. Even though I had a module of Photography in college, could learn only basics. Had little interest that time, but now really like it!

My friend Gaurav who is a freelance Photographer and a Filmmaker has come up with this awesome Photography Workshop for Photography Lovers, Shutterbugs and the people like me who want to learn the art of clicking :)

About the Workshop
Where? - Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
The city is an example of modern India with abundance of serenity and surrounded by beautiful nature.
Duration - 1 Month (starting April 2013)

  • Know the art of Photography and enhance your skills
  • Practical learning: - Indoor and Outdoor Photography assignments and projects
  • Get your own Professional Photographer's Card (Optional)
  • Photography Talk with Eminent Photographers
Amateur Photographer? - Associate with the Workshop and build your Portfolio
Want to learn Photography? - This is the place for you

"Photography makes you see the world rather than just look at it.
See it, while you click it!
Join a month long workshop with us at Navi Mumbai.
Registrations have started.
Stop Looking, Start Seeing."

If Photography drives your passion and holding a camera gives you the perfect chills; I suggest you Join this workshop!

Workshop Fees: 5500/- INR Only
Registrations have started...

Gaurav Prabhu
Phone No. +91 - 8097806108
Email ID: gpreels@gmail.com

Skin and Hair Care tips for Holi

This Holi don't forget to take care of your Skin and Hair.
Ms. Aakriti Kochar tells you how... 

Nowadays, Holi is not the best time for one’s skin and hair. The dry "gulal" and colours are generally not derived from natural sources. They contain chemicals, shiny particles of mica and even lead, which not only irritate the skin, but collect on the scalp.
Follow these steps to ensure that you have a safe, fun and memorable Holi
  • Apply a sunscreen and rich moisturiser like Oriflame Essentials Extra-Comfort Cream at least 20 minutes before going out to play with colours. Use a sunscreen of SPF 15 and above, such as Oriflame Sun Care Cream SPF 20. If your skin is prone to pigmented patches, select one with a higher SPF.
  • Generously apply copious amounts of olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or mustard oil on your face and body. Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil is a good option for extra nourishment
  • Massage your hair well from scalp to hair tips with coconut, olive or castor oil, such as Oriflame Coconut & Ricemilk Hot Oil. This oil gives your hair a protective covering and shields it from harmful chemicals, dust and dirt.  This will help the colours come off easily later.
  • Cover your lips with a thick coat of lip balm like Oriflame Tender Care Lip Balm to protect them from colour damage.
  • You can use light daytime make-up. Touch up your eyes with an eyepencil or kajal stick like Oriflame Kohl Pencil and use a lip gloss or balm. However, if you intend to play rigorously with colours, try not to wear any make-up.
  • Protect your nails from the colours by using transparent nail polish, such as Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base & Top Coat. If you have long nails, you can use it on the underside of the nails as well. One could also use Oriflame Beauty Nail Shield which strengthens the nails while protecting them.
  • While playing, try to ensure a safe and skin-friendly Holi by using herbal or natural colours: henna or spinach (green), turmeric or marigold flowers (yellow), tomatoes or beetroot or kumkum (red) & tea leaves (brown).
  • After playing with the colours, remember not to use harsh soaps to get rid of colours from your skin. Do not wash your face with soap immediately, because soap is alkaline and causes further dryness. Instead, use a cleansing cream or lotion, like Optimals Cleansing Milk, which soothes the skin while cleansing. Massage on the skin and then wipe off with moist cotton wool.
  • Sesame seed (til) oil can also be used to remove colours by massaging it on face and body. This not only helps to remove the colours, but gives added protection to the skin.
  • While washing your hair, first rinse them with plenty of plain water to wash away the dry colours and tiny particles of mica. Apply a mild natural shampoo, like Oriflame Nature Secrets Shampoo for Greasy Hair Nettle & Lemon, which deeply cleanses the hair without causing any further damage. Work it into the hair with your fingers, massage the scalp gently and rinse thoroughly with water again.
  • Add the juice of a lemon to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse. This helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. Beer can also be used as a last rinse to soften and condition the hair.
  • You can also apply a hair pack made of fenugreek seeds, amla powder, boiled shikakai powder and water. Another homemade recipe for hair pack that works is a mixture of henna powder, four teaspoons of lemon juice and curd. Apply on hair and wash after an hour.
About Guest Writer

Ms. Aakriti Kochar is a Beauty & Makeup Expert, Oriflame India

Follow these easy tips and enjoy this Holi.
Wishing you all an advanced Happy 
Holi :D

15 March 2013

Hit the Beach! *Splash*

I miss the days in Goa! I spent most of my summers for those 5 years on the Beach! Sipping Cold Drinks, playing volleyball with my siblings and just having a great time listening to the splash of the sea. If someone asks me about that perfect wear for the beach? Here's it :)

Lace Tank Top, the perfect Shorts (I Love the multi-color shade), the never-to-be-left-behind Hat, White Shades, comfortable Chappals, Bow for that tied up Pony and that Bag!

Hit the Beach by megha-shrimali featuring printed bags
VILA lace tank
$21 - vila.com

Scotch & Soda dip dyed shorts
$115 - scotch-soda.com

Stuart Weitzman bohemian shoes

Printed bag

$170 - zalando.co.uk

Hair bow accessory

$13 - monki.com

Peony Bush In Light Pink Tall - Simply Chic (Essex, Cambridge, Herts)...
$45 - simply-chic.net

Like it?
Do leave in comments!

Hit the beach and have some fun! Do not forget to carry that sunscreen with you. :)

P.S: My Love for Polyvore is growing! <3

Are you ready to Confess?

How often do you confess? What do you confess about?

"Deep in my heart I'm concealing things that I'm longing to say. Scared to confess what I'm feeling - frightened you'll slip away" - Evita (Movie)

Confession is a big thing to do. The difficult part is when you do it online where thousands of people can read it.I hope you know; what happens on Internet, stays on Internet...
I guess you all know what am I talking about. I am talking about the new trend which has captivated online space; College Confession Pages.

What are these pages about?
These pages, run through the social networking site - Facebook, invite students from their respective universities to put forth their raunchiest, the most ambiguous, dirtiest, or most personal secrets anonymously. Facebook claims it will remove pages and posts that contain objectionable topics if they are made aware of it.

Confession is good. Moreover, such pages keep your identity anonymous. But the pages I have seen have mistaken the meaning of confession. Confession is not about talking ill of someone or what you think about them.... Confession is to share a truth about yourself, face your mistake or wrong doing in front of someone. These College Confession Pages are an online version of the game Fish-Pond to me.

Few pages I found on google -

I have seen several of these confession pages and a part of 2 of them (Haven't confessed yet!). 

Came across such pages? What do you think about them?
Are they here to stay or just a passing trend?

Do leave in comments!

11 March 2013

Bring me some sunshine

My latest Polyvore set. I like this website, too much! May be three much (if this term exists). Personally, I am not a big fan of Yellow color but Summer without Yellow is like Fish without Water. So here is my Polyvore look set dedicated to their association! <3

Bring me some sunshine

Calypso st barth

Flared skirt
$195 - coggles.com

Platform shoes

Fantasy Jewelry Box rainbow bracelet

River island

Retro eyewear

Did you guys like it?
Do leave in comments, I lovvve them!

10 March 2013

Pastel Pink -- Spring - Summer 2013

Look what the summer has brought for all of us! ^_^

Pastel and Summer

Pastel and Summer by megha-shrimali featuring melissa odabash

I am in love with Pastel this season. Spring and Summer brings the best of colors. Heart warming, sweet and soothing colors have entered 2013 and the one which is my super favorite is the Pastel Pink! I made the above set on Polyvore and sharing with you all.

It consists of:

Melissa odabash

Matthew williamson

Pastel Pink is warm and sophisticated. Be it on the beach or out with your friends; the color will definitely add a charm to your look. The H&M dress here is my favorite. The sleeveless dress is a definite thumbs up from my side.

Here I have created a beach look. You can play with the hat and shades; and tweak it according to your occasion or outing! 

I hope you liked it. Its the first time I have shared a Polyvore set.
Will be back with a new one soon :D

Do leave in your comments. Which color is in this season acc. to you? Do you like Pastel Pink?