20 August 2018

Monsoon Special - Take care of that feet!

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages. While the rains cool down the humidity during monsoon, it also brings home, infections. The water logged streets, moist atmosphere, the dampness may bring skin problems to your feet. With all the mud and dirt around during this season, it is all the more important to take care of your feet. It rains like crazy in my city - Mumbai and commuting in local train makes my feet prone to all kinds of dust, dirt, pollution, mud, etc. 

Here are a few tips which I follow and you can too to make sure your feet smiles back at you, every day:

1 - Keep it dry and clean
If you have got your feet wet in the rain, wash them with clean water after getting home or reaching home and dry with a towel. Avoid wearing socks and shoes this season, if you cannot avoid, make sure you keep a pair of socks to change into in case the one you are wearing get wet.

2 - Soak it!
Not in the rain water but lukewarm water at home, at least once a week! Add some bath salt or mild shampoo to it - soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes for an ultra relaxing time at home. It helps to kill bacteria and softens the skin.

3 - Scrub it!
Now that your skin is softened, it is easy to scrub out dead skin off it. Use a pumice stone or scrubber and you are good to go! Dead skin over a period of time can lead to cracks and make your skin hard. And you don't want that!

4 - Use a good moisturiser
I have recently got myself a foot cream from Oriflame which is abundant with Avocado and Aloe Vera. I apply it overnight every day after washing my feet before sleeping. 

Available for 375 INR (75ml)
Photo courtesy: www.meandmysuitcase.com

It's got a nice fragrance, not overwhelming, and the tube is so easy to carry on your travels (win-win!). The best part? It's not tested on animals.

While most of us tend to neglect our feet, we forget that it takes us around all the time and sure need a little pampering every now and then! Wear open foot wear as much as possible, especially when outdoors and don't forget to clean your sandals/shoes with hot water regularly.

I hope these simple tips help you, they are easy to do and bring results over a period of time if you regularly follow.

Until I bring to you another blog,

10 August 2018

Review - Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash

It's been a while I blogged here. There's so much to share with you all but just couldn't put words together. Firstly, I cannot believe it's near to September now. In no time it will be 2019! DAYYUM.

Secondly, the work never ends. To add to it, the Mumbai commuting, traveling and pollution takes a toll on the body. Weather is polluted excessively and no matter how much you cover it up - your skin tends to get affected. If there's one thing which has continued to trouble me this year as well, it is breakouts! There's a new acne on my face almost every week and the blemishes have made home on my cheeks.

I have used several products to get rid off the problems and the recent addition to my regime are these two products sent over by the brand - Roop Mantra. Am very particular about using products on my face and hence was with them since it claims to be Ayurvedic.

The team had sent over an entire range of products which includes: 4 different types of Facewash and 2 creams. Take a look below!

I have been using a couple of products out of these since almost a month and here's a quick sneak peek to how they fared for me.

Roop Mantra Neem Facewash:

Especially formulated for removing pimple problem, Roop Mantra Neem Facewash is a blend of Neem, Tulsi and Turmeric with antibacterial features. The product usage has considerably delayed the occurrence of new pimples and blemishes have faded a little.

  • You can apply it twice a day, I use it once before leaving from home and once after coming back from work.
  • Take only a small pea sized amount on your palm, add a little water and form a lather.
  • Apply on the face in circular motion.
  • Make sure the face is cleaned with fresh water before applying the facewash. 
The facewash also comes in variants of cucumber, Mix fruit, Aloe Vera and Lime & Mint. It leaves a soothing and cooling sensation behind on the skin and you are bound to feel fresh.

The packaging is handy and comes in size & price range of 
20ml at Rs 18 | 50ml at Rs 48 | 115ml at Rs 83. The varied range makes it easy to carry on your travels too!

I moisturise after it using the Ayurvedic medicinal cream by Roop Mantra - stay tuned for its review along with that of Roop Mantra Pimple Gel in my next blog. Definitely writing the next one sooner :)

Have you used Roop Mantra products? Do share your views with me in the comments section below. You can shop for their products here from Divisa Store.