31 May 2017

A lipstick which is definite head-turner!

Oriflame has recently launched luscious and beautiful lipsticks under 'The One's' range. When Oriflame India sent me the entire range, I couldn't wait to share it with you all.

What the product claims:

Super-light liquid lipstick goes on like a gel, with an ultra-smooth plexigloss finish in 8 intense shades. Non-sticky, extreme colour coverage. Glides on easily for super-slick lips with perfect colour clarity. Conditioning formula keeps lips feeling soft. A definite head-turner.

I love lipsticks and keep buying various shades for myself. Good pigmentation, colour and long-lasting are three features which are most important for me in a lipstick.

The texture of these lipsticks is very creamy and thick. It is very easy to apply and is hydrating. If you have chapped lips, these lipsticks are for you. 
Here's a small swatch preview:

The lipstick's coverage is well and gives a great colour with just one swipe. There are 7 shades in total to suit every face and outfit.

Magnetic Magenta - deeper version of hot flamingo

Tangerine Tango - Looks quite natural and will suit all fair tones. It is a peach pastel shade.

Purple Rumba - it totally reminds of Aishwarya Rai's Cannes look last year. Remember?

Pink Mambo - darker version of Malibu Blush

Malibu Blush - Raspberry pink, great for office, party and even daily wear.

Hot Flamingo - best for summer! (70% of the months in Mumbai)

Sunset Burst - Flattering and for all skin tones, this shade is best for your outfits on a date.

Though I wish the wear time was longer, the lip colour is sure to be picked off the shelf by many for it's glorious shades. A sweet fruity fragrance with a good packaging, the Oriflame Vinyl Gel Lipstick is a must try!

The lipstick is priced at 699/- INR and easily available online plus at a store near you!

Will you try it? Do tell me in the comments section below.


10 May 2017

Smytten by YOU!

Hello readers, how is the week coming along? Is it just me or this year is equally fast paced as was 2016? Most of my time is spent in commuting from home-office-home, at work, Sundays with family and Saturdays with friends, evenings and night catching up on social media, blogging, news, trend alerts, etc. etc. How do you like to give yourself some time midst of all? I usually blog OR spend time with my family OR do artsy-craft work OR help my mother with blogging (I told you she started her own food blog, didn't I?)

Some of my friends love to spend their time online scrolling through Instagram. Recently, one of the sundays when I was doing some online window shopping, an Instagram ad took me to an application called - Smytten! Catchy name, isn't it? While I downloaded the app and explored it, the product trial option caught my attention. 

What is Smytten?
Discover the best of premium brands, enjoy free trials and own them if you are smytten! Request for your exclusive invite on the website.
Be it male grooming, eyewear, fragrances, beauty and personal care, food and beverages, spa salons and more - everything is there on Smytten!

I decided to call for a few sample products for trial before buying the full size and to get a hang of the application. The brand doesn't pay for the shipping (which isn't too much on your pocket - 70 INR). The samples were delivered within a week's time and were nicely packaged. Take a look.

I ordered:
  1. Ma Earth Botanical Rose Toner
  2. Spruce Shave Club Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Shave Gel (for dad!) and
  3. All Good Scents Perfume - Jasmine
As of now, I have started using the Toner and my dad helped me review the Shave gel, here's a quick overview about the products for you :)

1. Ma Earth Botanical Rose Toner
Well we all know what Toners are for. I have previously used that of Dr. Batra's and recently started using Eco Beauty Toner by the Oriflame which I had reviewed few days back. This Toner from Smytten is an amazing experience and great buy! 

The toner will help you hydrate, tighten pores and remove impurities off your skin without leaving the skin feel dry later. It is alcohol free (win!) and the moment you open its bottle, a fresh rose scent is going to greet you :)

2. Spruce Shave Club Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Shave Gel 
This one's fragrance is heavenly I must say The product is a herbal offering for a natural shave. Let the razor glide over your skin and leave a smooth result behind. 

Even a small pinch of the gel is enough to make good lather which doesn't smell too overwhelming. The Anti-fungal qualities of tea tree oil and medicinal properties of Aloe Vera will definitely help your skin refresh and rejuvenate! 

3. The All Good Scents Perfume in Jasmine - Heavenly! I have recently started to use and shall review it shortly here, do keep an eye.

Will I be going back to the App? Yes! They even have an amazing Mother's Day offer going on in case you want to do indulge in some pampering for your mom :)

I shall be back with more of such stories, soon.

Until we e-meet next,
Lots of love,

Note: This is not a sponsored post

07 May 2017

Smoke it up with Colorbar!

Guest blog by Shikha Malwe 

How do you define Indulgence? While for some it might be engaging themselves with their hobbies or travelling the world to rejuvenate their mind and soul, for me it’s totally different! Any guesses what it could be?

Well, there are times when indulgence seems to be the very reason I wait for the weekends eagerly. And shopping, (shopping cosmetics) makes me the happiest person. Now, being a cosmetics and make-up lover what else could be more exciting for me than attending a make-up workshop on a weekend?

It was the Smoke em’ up workshop by Colorbar I was invited for recently. Though I always love to try new make-up trends, somehow I could never really learn the smokey eyes make-up the right way. Perfect timing!

I reached the venue i.e. Colorbar outlet in Amanora Mall Hadapsar, Pune and the sight of their dazzling new entrant on the shelf caught my attention. It was the new range of color palettes for eye shadows.

Their make-up artist, who was decked-up in a perfect smokey eye make-up, offered to teach me the complete face make-up. Interesting, isn’t it? And the best part of this workshop was even more exciting! Their make-up tutorial was designed to teach the make-up style that best suits “your” skin tone. 

So let me quickly take you through the make-up I learnt. Have a look at the video shared above or simply follow the steps below to learn this simple yet trendy smokey eye make-up.

  • Step 1: Apply a hydrating eye cream to smoothen the area around the eyes.
  • Step 2: Take a concealer that complements your skin tone and apply it around the eyes with a flat brush. 
Key Takeaway – Dab, dab and Dab! First dab the concealer nicely around the eyes and then blend it gently. Do not sweep it with the brush, as it will not allow the product to settle in one place evenly.
  • Step 3. To get an even tone, apply foundation with the same flat brush on the rest of your face and blend it with the concealer around the eyes.
Key Takeaway – Always apply foundation in downward stroke to match the growth pattern of your facial hair.
  • Step 4: Apply some loose powder with the help of thick round brush evenly on your face covering the area around the eyes. This keeps your skin from appearing greasy.
Key Takeaway: Before any eye make-up make sure your eye-lids are well-powdered to prevent the powder eye shadow from creasing in your eyelid.
  • Step 5: For the smokey eye make-up, take dark brown/grey eye shadow on a brush, pat off the access and pack on to the outer corner and into the crease.
  • Step 6: Shape out the eye shadow with a clean brush to blend the harsh lines.
  • Step 7: Now take a basic neutral color on a flat brush and start placing it on the centre of the eyelid using downward strokes. Then blend it from the inner corner using outward strokes.
  • Step 8: Take a tinge of black eye shadow and apply it on the outer corner to deepen the smokey eye effect.
  • Step 9: Apply pencil liner under the eyes and smudge it out from centre to the outer corner to create the smokey effect.
  • Step 10: And all you are now left with is, a finishing touch! Apply some mascara and you’re good to go!

Smokey eyes is a classic make-up to wear every time you step out for late night parties at clubs.


Here's your chance to win a palette from Colorbar India, all for yourself or for your gf or anyone you would want to gift it :)

All you have to do is:
1. Leave a comment after reading this blog, 'I want to win this Smokey Eyeshadown Color Palette for <Name your friend> because____________'. 
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5. Follow Colorbar Cosmetics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

That's it.

I will pick one winner by 5th June 2017.

Good luck :)
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