19 December 2016

TBC by Nature - 24ct Gold Body Lotion Review

Nourish and protect your skin this winters with TBC by Nature Winter Skin Care Range!

Like many of you, my skin too tends to dry and lack moisture during winters. To make sure that the skin is least affected, I follow a skin ritual which makes me moisturise my skin - first, before leaving for office and second when I hit the bed at night. 

I recently receive this 24ct Gold Honey & Almond Body Lotion from TBC by Nature, which claims to have a 12 hour long lasting affect on your skin.

I love how the lotion smells. It is not too overpowering and yet manages to linger on for a long time. Rich in Almond and Honey - the 2 most important ingredient you will find in many winter care products - while honey nourishes your skin and makes it supple, almond helps to moisturise & brighten it.

It also contains Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, Wheat Germ Oil and Vitamin E. The packaging is good. Although, it can be better!

Top 3 Hits:
  1. The Fragrance
  2. Hydration Level lasts for 5-6 hours (win-win for me!) 
  3. Cream is rich and gets quickly absorbed into the skin
3 misses:
  • Packaging (I wish it was more appealing!)
  • The cream is too runny
  • Not easy to travel with (For my recent trip, I had to transfer it to a smaller bottle which easily fits into my handbag)
Price: 169 INR for 300 ml

This is the first time I have used a product by TBC and it sure hasn't disappointed me :) It is available on Flipkart and Amazon.

Do give it a try!

Much Love,

Diary writing is LOVE, and you should do it too!

Often, certain things in life take you back in time. I remember writing diary on a regular basis during my school days. Good, bad, ugly or best - every moment of my life was in it. Slowly, the practise died. Got into college, assignments, time with friends overpowered life. 

Sunday morning, I thought of them again. Looked for my collection of diaries and journals. All empty. Over the last 5-6 years, I have just collected them. Never written in them. May be I should start again, and you should too! Here's a glimpse.

There are more than many reasons one should start keeping a diary, some of them being:

1. It's a major throwback: You take photos to keep memories, diary does that for you too, in a more personal manner.

2. It is a therapy on bad ways: Take it from someone who used to write and keep a diary for 6 straight years, putting down your feelings make one feel much better and think more clearly.

3. It helps you improve your writing style: One learns to write better with practise. Keep practising :)

4. Check!
Have a long wishlist or or even a small to-do list for the day? Write it down. Writing a diary helps one accomplish it better! Write and check it off your list often, it is sure to give you a sense of relief.

5. Personal Development: You learn! Every time you write and read, you become better. You learn how you were 5 years ago and determine to be better.

Try, it works!

Here's to a wonderful 2017 :)