15 March 2013

Are you ready to Confess?

How often do you confess? What do you confess about?

"Deep in my heart I'm concealing things that I'm longing to say. Scared to confess what I'm feeling - frightened you'll slip away" - Evita (Movie)

Confession is a big thing to do. The difficult part is when you do it online where thousands of people can read it.I hope you know; what happens on Internet, stays on Internet...
I guess you all know what am I talking about. I am talking about the new trend which has captivated online space; College Confession Pages.

What are these pages about?
These pages, run through the social networking site - Facebook, invite students from their respective universities to put forth their raunchiest, the most ambiguous, dirtiest, or most personal secrets anonymously. Facebook claims it will remove pages and posts that contain objectionable topics if they are made aware of it.

Confession is good. Moreover, such pages keep your identity anonymous. But the pages I have seen have mistaken the meaning of confession. Confession is not about talking ill of someone or what you think about them.... Confession is to share a truth about yourself, face your mistake or wrong doing in front of someone. These College Confession Pages are an online version of the game Fish-Pond to me.

Few pages I found on google -

I have seen several of these confession pages and a part of 2 of them (Haven't confessed yet!). 

Came across such pages? What do you think about them?
Are they here to stay or just a passing trend?

Do leave in comments!


Saloni Gandhi said...

Its really a cool thing however its scary too... Everyone would know what you did...But its exciting...

varsha said...

These are getting really nasty! my college has like 3-4 pages of them
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Megha Shrimali said...

Scary and Exciting, no?
A deadly combo!
Thank You for stopping by Saloni :)

Megha Shrimali said...

They are Varsha!
These pages are igniting Good and the Bad emotions, together!
Thank You for dropping by my blog :)
I have already participated! :D