29 December 2012

Maa mujhe darr lagta hai...

My body is numb and it seems to shiver...Read this on Beauty wid Brainz...Read on...

Maa mujhe dar lagta hai..bohot dar lagta hai…suraj ki Roshni Aag si lagti hai..Paani ki Boondain bhi Tejaab si lagti hai….Maa Hawa main bhi zahar sa ghula lagta hai…Maa mujhe chhupa le bohot dar lagta hai...

Maa yaad hai wo kaanch ki Gudiya jo Bachpan main tuti thi…Maa kuch aise hi aaj main toot gayi hu…meri galti kuch bhi na thi maa fir bhi khud se ruth gai hu…………Maa bachpan main school teacher ki gandi Nazaro se dar lagta tha…padsos k chacha k Napaak iraadon se dar lagta tha…maa wo nukkat k ladko ki bekhouf baaton se dar lagta hai..or ab Boss k wahshi isharon se dar lagta hai…Maa mujhe chupa le..bohot dar lagta hai ...

Maa tujhe yaad hai tere angan main, chidiya si fudak rahi thi..Maa saans toh le rahi hu...kya zindgi jee paungi??Maa saans toh le rahi hu...kya zindgi jee paungi??maa bohot dar lagta hai mujhe

thokar kha k main zameen par gir padi thi..do boond khoon ki dekh k maa tu bhi ro padi thi…maa tune toh mujhe phoolon ki tarah pala tha..un darindo ka aakhir maine kya bigada tha…kyu wo mujhe is tarah masal k chale gaye…bedard meri rooh ko kuchal k chale gaye…..

Maa tu toh kahti thi apni gudiya ko dulhan banayegi…mere is jeewan ko khushiyo se sajayegi….maa kya wo din zindgi kabhi na layegi?maa kya ab tere gher barat na aayegi?maa khoya hai jo maine kya fir se kabhi na paungi?Maa goorte hain sab alag hi nazaron se…

Maa mujhe un nazaron se chupa le…Aanchal main Chhupa le...maa bohot dar lagta hai mujhe...

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all (:

The tree is set,
The cookies and milk is on the table,

The gifts are all wrapped
and here comes Santa riding on a sleigh
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas <3

Ho! Ho!

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year :)

May the coming year brings loads of happiness in your life :)

Happy Holidays everyone (:

22 December 2012

I Love You, not your Stubble

"Do you expect me to talk?"
"I have to go now, have dinner with an old friend"
"It feels like... like I am in some ghost story"
"I need to sleep early, your food is in the oven."
"Ouch! that hurts... why don't you shave it?"

Dear Guys,
Heard all this lately? Looks like you need to start worrying - its the danger alert. Alter it or pay for it.
*Looking like this since past few evenings? It's time you clean it off or crave all week to sleep with your lady (I hope you have a couch :P)*

Women asking for a clean shaven evening look is their right. If they take every little effort to look their best for you, it's time you do the same. A clean shaven evening will leave you with a memory to cherish with your beloved.
*you certainly don't want this*

Holla to all the pretty ladies. The post has just got interesting with you on-board. Want your man to be that gentleman for you, the way he is for his boss every morning?

Try Try Try, these -
1. DIY (Do It Yourself)
No I am not giving any hairstyling or nailart DIY, but a 'Shave or Crave moment' - Be playful and shave off his beard this evening, yourself! An intimate moment which will leave him asking for more (everyday) - the way Katrina does for SRK in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. (Filmy? chalta hai!)

2. Ultimatum - Shave before bed or go to bed alone.
Put this warning on that fridge he heads to after coming home from work. Say 'yes' to beard? Say 'No' to a relaxed cozy night.

3. Go out on a movie dinner with your friends (yes, leave him home alone)
Leave him to wonder what is wrong and why wasn't he asked to come along. Let him realize that - even though you love him, you can't be in good terms with his beard.

4. Stubble says - "I will be back.

Yes it keeps coming back. It is like that villain in your perfect love story. It certainly is the sign of 'manhood' for your guy but it keeps you and your kisses away from him. Take it slow, give him signs of what you want and he will come along.

5. Love is war.
Take this as a challenge. It's YOU vs his dear stubble.
Gillette is the secret Santa for all you lovely ladies who want to get rid of their man's lazy stubble. Now you know what to do, let's do this. Remember, you love your man but not his stubble.

Ho! Ho! :)
This post is an entry for Blogadda's Contest; Shave or Crave. (www.blogadda.com)
Posted Live from the Women Bloggers Meet, Mumbai (:
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20 December 2012

Tips and Tricks to survive Doomsday

Few hours to go. Here goes my tricks and tips to survive this very- much-awaited doomsday (people have literally spent this whole month just talking about this);
Read on..

1. Start digging a tunnel as soon as you are home from your work or college.

Tunnel would be great in case you need to stay unhurt for days.

2. Marry a Cruise owner, overnight. If you are in Goa or Mumbai this would be easy.

Start your journey to the Cape of Good Hope as soon as the marriage ceremony is over. Make it fast.

3. See if you can reach a secret hideout and stay there until the next life age starts. Keep loads of food in stock, a laptop with the movie ice-age loaded. May be handy?


4. Get an R1. Spend all your life's wealth on petrol and keep going. One day you will reach the safe place. Be a little fast or that Hayabusa guy will overtake you.

5. Ask Christian Grey for his Tango Charlie (with him) and fly out. [Ref. 50 shades of Grey]

6. Kingfisher is in budget now, buy one? On loan would be great! May be Mallya gives you a lamborghini free. Jeez! :D

7. Get a big pack of Kurkure, 2ltr bottle of mountain dew - darr ke aage jeet hai? ;) Sit and watch Titanic with your family and friends. The people on board will come back for you. Remember?


Doomsday is not gonna happen, atleast not tomorrow. I know you all will be safe and reading my blog on Saturday  Since you are gonna survive do not kill me for this stupid post.

Have a great Doomsday people! ;)
See you on the 22nd :D

Love <3

19 December 2012

Make Love, Not Rape... (written by Shivani Goyal)

I know you all must have read, seen, discussed and are already outraged about what is going on in our country. Commenting is easy, but when you are in the same city where such horrifying incidents happen; this is what comes out from your heart. This is what you plead for... "Make Love, Not Rape"

Read on...

Rape City

 Right now i am angry, frustrated and scared because what happened in my city last night was a SHAMEFUL incident. We just celebrated 100 years of Delhi but what happened in those 100 years with women is as same as 100 years before. 

I'm puzzled and don't know what to say or what to write, i have some words in which i want to express the true condition of women in my country. 

I'm a girl, not a boy.
Is it a crime?
I'm scared and scarred.

i might get raped coz I'm a girl
what have i done to deserve this?
my parents are scared coz of this.

Stop This Shame
i can work like a boy
i can earn like a man
then why they compare?
I'm giving birth to the future

and still my today is full of nightmares.

We score more marks in CBSE,IIT
then why we need quota?
Laxmi, durga, saraswati are our great goddess
and today men call us a tota. 

I'm a girl, I'm proud of it
dare you say I'm weaker than anything
Respect me and please don't consider me as an object or a thing.

Daughter, sister, wife, mother are my name
please don't do this even if you are not ashamed.

if you stop this no father will kill me during my birth
if it continuous, one day it will stop the earth.

Make Love, Not Rape! 
Its time to end this RAPE CULTURE.
- Shivani Goyal
(Follow her on: http://shivanigoyal3691.blogspot.in)

17 December 2012

Surprise! Surprise! Giveaway by Bows and Blings (:

Bows are everywhere; on your shoes, bags, hair, wrist, dresses, super pretty accessories and on Bows and Blings! :) <3

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I have been following their page since a long long time and then I contacted them for a giveaway to make you all lovely people, smile :) A Sweetheart, they agreed!
So, they have generously agreed to giveaway this pretty sunshine for the winner of this contest!

So to win this sunshine - All you need to do is tell us how you would accessorize this pretty bow :) ... with a gorgeous Tee or a dress? It is up-to you!

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16 December 2012

My Entry for Shoppers Stop Perfect look :)

With lots of weddings going around and a festival season, it is important for you to dress up best! :)
Here is my ensemble for the Indiblogger + Shoppers Stop Perfect Look Contest;

1) ESPRIT Timewear - Ladies Watch - Slide Black
A trendy and eye catching design. Classic Black and white :)

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I really loved this chain

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A contemporary designed, lovely earring

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The Rose took my heart :)

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Do let me know how it is :)

15 December 2012

The Christmas Month (: Smiles and Surprises

A weekend actually feels good. I mean when you in college you hardly have a weekend, but when you are working you have it! That is the ONLY perk of working, gosh! I am 2 weeks into internship and saying this, haha :D

So one of my favorite month is here; December - I Love it! The winter (so-called-winter of Mumbai), colorful sweaters, jackets and cozy nights in quilts <3 Everybody loves it, right?

I have back-2-back three surprises for all of you on my blog this month. One is already LIVE on Faceboo, Check Surprise No.1 :)

I also love December for the Christmas and New Year. I don't celebrate Christmas but putting up a Xmas tree always fascinates me. The color Green, Red, stories of Santa Claus, Putting up stockings, getting gifts and yummy cakes and candies <3 Everybody loves Christmas, isn't it? :D

Few more days to go. I am already in the mood!
Say with me; Ho! Ho! Ho!

Surprise No.2 -- Will be LIVE tonight! :D
Love <3

08 December 2012

My 2nd Giveaway from the lovely Pink Jello (:

*Giveaway is CLOSED - Winner is DIVYA ASHA*
Holla! :)
So, the time is here :D My second giveaway is live on my Facebook page A Li'l of Everything.
You can win this super pretty Butterfly Hair Accessory from PINK JELLO <3

Follow some simple steps and this could be yours.
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Megha <3

Special Day today, stay tuned for GIVEAWAY!

If I were to pick my favourite superheroes, I will pick my parents. 
Because first of all, they raised me wonderfully; second, is because they were there for each other through all the rough times.

Hi everyone :)
It is a beautiful day today! Me and my siblings are celebrating my parent's wedding anniversary <3 Love them! :) alot...

December has been great so far. My internship going good, my blog has crossed 50 GFC followers; thanks to you lovely people <3 FB Page has surpassed the 1st milestone i.e. 100 likes *touchwood*

So I guess its the right time to celebrate, isn't it? :D
A beautiful giveaway is gonna be up on my FB Page: A Li'l of Everything tonight! :)

Stay tuned to win something really pretty <3