16 January 2016

Whisper Ultra Review #OwnThose5Days

Hi Guys!

How are you all doing? Wishing you all a belated Happy Makar Sankranti :)

Did you all read my previous post about the all new Whisper Ultra & their exclusive Bloggers Meet which took place last month in Mumbai?

With the purpose of bidding adieu to the menace around those 5 days of the month and support women, Whisper India launched The New Whisper Ultra – a revolutionary pad that absorb more & lasts longer. 

In an exclusive preview organised for bloggers, Whisper India, showcased a never seen before innovation via powerful demonstrations highlighting the benefits of the New Whisper Ultra. I used the product personally and this blog is entirely on my experience of the same.

  • The product has a fragrance: The best thing about this product other than the fact that it absorbs really well – is the fragrance of it. These napkins have been designed to keep the pad odour free.
  • It has a super absorbent core which makes it useable for a longer time. (4-5 hours at a stretch for those long drives and outdoor activities!)
  • Long lasting protection – my office hours were much tension free.
  • Thinner and lighter than before.
  • 1000 suction holes to keep the surface fully dry – believe it!

Dance it out, run, touch the pickle, wear any color of your preference, exercise, there is no stepping back with Whisper Ultra! What’s more?

  • You can rely on it during your heavy flow too.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, it makes sure there are no rashes as the area is soft.
  • The product comes with something called - Magic Crystal Gel locks the liquid completely inside the napkin, giving you the comfort and assurance of owning these days fully.

Don't forget to try out this product!

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03 January 2016

This Foaming Face Wash is a keeper!

Ever wondered what makes you Face Ready? Doesn't your face feel lit up after you have had a face wash & ready to meet your friends? Is it the inside glow, a gesture, or the confidence to look into the mirror and apply the product you believe in to make your face ready?

I have been using this foaming face wash since a long time. With a combination skin which is prone to pimples and open pores, Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash is a keeper. 

About the Product
Claims: Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash has rich foam that thoroughly cleanses to remove excess oil and dirt without over drying. Special ingredients help prevent pimples. Leaves skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.


  • Apply a small amount on wet palm and work into rich lather. 
  • Gently massage onto face, avoiding eye area. 
  • Rinse off thoroughly. 
  • Use it twice daily for a clean and clear skin. 

It comes in a light golden colour plastic bottle with a purple cap. The transparent packaging is something that I personally like. The cap is secure enough to make sure there is no spillage, making the product easy to carry. The fragrance is fresh and a bit citrusy. Massage it well in circular motion on your face, neck & elbow (yes, it works well for your hard elbows too). It doesn’t make my skin dry and leaves it smooth and glowing without any greasiness. 

A complete no-no for dry skin people.

Priced at: 49 INR for 50ml, 95 INR for 100ml

Be Clean & Clear Ready Face :)

*Product was sent by the company. Review is unbiased.