21 October 2015

Let's talk Bodysuits! #StalkbyLove

How to wear Bodysuits?

Well, it’s not as tricky as you think. Let the fashion expert from StalkBuyLove take you through the roller coaster ride that’s called bodysuits.

Bodysuit- it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Whatever you choose to team it with, the bodysuit’s there to accentuate those rightfully earned curves and flaunt them with ease. Why hide it when you can flaunt it? So, girls, what are you waiting for? Pick the perfect partner for your favorite bottoms.

Formal dressing is all about a neat and crisp silhouette. Carry off the perfect crisp and structured formal look by pairing up a pencil skirt with a complementing bodysuit.

A bodysuit teamed with a pair of pants can take you anywhere, from work to parties to casual outings. Add on a slim belt to get a killer cinched at the waist look.

This is a casual look that’s easy to put together. Go the fun and peppy way to wear your bodysuit with a pair of smoking hot shorts.

Pull together this effortlessly chic look by wearing a maxi skirt with your bodysuit and rock your look from brunch parties to lunch dates.

The comfiest of the lot? Bodysuit with a palazzo. This one’s a laid back casual look for college or just an outing with friends. Throw over a scarf and go boho-chic.

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20 October 2015

The Cricket that I miss!

*Ganguly’s retirement*


Sehwag is coming onto the field with his mate Gautam Gambhir. One of the finest opening pair team India has ever seen.

*Starts hitting sixes and fours*

Sehwag has scored a whopping 200! What a splendid innings this has been. 

This was in December 2011 against West Indies. Sehwag's performance led India to 418 for 5, their highest ODI total, and sealed victory in the five-match series.

Do you remember the 17 consecutive wins while chasing?

*Cuts to Yuvraj & Pathan not being selected for any tournament. Retirement of my favorite player ever, Rahul Dravid*

*Now: October 2015*

Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag have announced their retirement from the International cricket.

*Sadness beckons with umpteen questions on my mind*

The Cricket before IPL, the team, the zeal, the respect and love for the game; where is the Cricket I have always loved? 

Where is the Cricket I have grown up watching? 
Where are the lads I have always admired the game of?
Where is THAT team?

The Cricket that I miss and will always remember.

19 October 2015

Guest Blogger: Scrubbing away autumn skin #BeautyRegime

Starting off with a massive thanks to Megha for allowing me to infiltrate the blog for the day I wanted to tell you all about some amazing products. If you're anything like me dry flaky skin is an all too familiar problem which always returns with a vengeance over the autumn season.

Especially during the colder months dealing with dry skin seems to become a full time job. Though it feels like I'm scrubbing and moisturising at every hour of the day there are some truly great scrubs available which can really help to keep on top of autumn flakes. With a product for every budget these are the 3 body scrubs I am loving this year.

Rituals Fortune Scrub
For the most expensive out of the 3 options this Rituals product has a lot to live up to. Coming from a high end brand I always have the tendency to expect a lot more for my money, which is fair I think. The Fortune Scrub has a strong smell of orange and cedar which is a great scent for this time of year. When walking through the woods there is nothing I love more than being able to breathe in the fresh smell of cedar and pine so this is a lovely scent for me. As a scrub this is a great product to use. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and really refreshed. I find it easiest to use this product with a body puff to help work in the product even more. It is a little pricey but it gives great results.

The Body Shop Peach Body Scrub
In matching peach coloured packaging this body scrub smells heavenly. If you love the smell of fruit this one is for you. The small grains within the product work away at scrubbing away the flakes of dry skin and help to reveal soft and smooth skin. Unlike the Rituals scrub I like to use my hands to work in this product as it gives my hands a treatment at the same time. Although peach isn't exactly an autumnal scent it's really delicious and very addictive. When used with the matching moisturising lotion it's a combination which is perfect for a pamper day.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Not a brand known to everyone this is a unique brand which retails in the drugstore Boots. With really original and retro packaging it is easy to see which products belong to this brand. The ingredients involved with this scrub make it sound like a key lime pie, but sweeter. As soon as you open the lid you can immediately smell the lime. It's a really sweet smell, so if you have a sweet tooth it's perfect for you. Designed for use in the shower I find that even the smallest scoop of the product can work wonders. Out of many scrubs I have tried this is one of my all time favourites. Though it isn't a high end brand the results are definitely top notch.

So what do you think, will you be trying one of these scrubs?


Thank you for writing, Katie! Based out of UK, Katie is a copywriter and a blogger herself. 
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13 October 2015

Hello October! #OriflameGiveaway

For those who have been following me on Instagram know that I keep updating it with #WhatsCooking #ModaDiario (my new fashion block) and also, not to miss out my #TheCityDiaries. 


What was delayed and missing out since a few weeks now is my Oriflame giveaway! 



Come fall and your regime changes. This is the best season to let your skin glow and flaunt scents. How about you join this giveaway & win it all?

What's to be won?

Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish - Fuchsia Allure

Oriflame Nature Secrets Talc Forest Glade 400g

Oriflame Paradise Deodorising Body Spray 75ml

Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Body Glow 150ml

& more from Richfeel too :)

Let's dig in the rules...

Now the rules:
1. Like our Facebook Page and that of Oriflame.
2. Tell me about your tried and tested beauty regime this season (and why!), the prize you would want to win among the 4 in the comments section below or tweet using the hashtag #OriflameGiveaway to @WanderlustGirl_.
3. Share the blog on Facebook/Twitter using the hashtag #OriflameGiveaway to earn brownie points. Make sure you tag at least 3 friends!
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The contest ends on 30th October. Participate NOW!

P.S: There will be 4 winners. (4 winners, 4 hampers!)