01 September 2018

Table for one, please?

In front of me sits my laptop. To my left is my phone with photos of the last restaurant I went to with my friend for a meal this week. I went home after it while my friend for a quick drink ‘alone’.

Personally, I love the idea of solitude but what I also love is to talk, spending time in a company rather than sitting eating alone in a restaurant of going for a movie alone. While there are all kinds of people in a restaurant – a couple who is busy taking selfies or chatting away to glory, a group of friends laughing – probably having met after a long time, family with kids enjoying their food, colleagues enjoying their time post-work and then some who simply are eating alone. While I can do all of it – this concept of eating alone is not me. Most of the time it bothers me. 

There was one incident when that same friend had to leave the theatre while a movie was going on and I was left there watching the rest of it, alone. Though I completely enjoyed that Salman Dulquer’s movie with subtitles – the thought of people looking at me and judging me for watching a movie alone – made me feel weird. A friend resonates with my thought.

Yesterday, I shared this thought of – dining out/going for a movie alone on Facebook and so many of you / my friends shared views! 90% of them made sure to tell me how amazing of an experience it is to sit with a book in a café all by yourself and how going for a movie alone has its own pros.

So, while the comments section is still receiving several opinions, in this blog, I have clubbed a few of them to share with you.

Tips/Pros/Views of Eating alone/going for a movie on your own:

1. To eat alone is the ultimate indulgence, a chance to be away from everything.

2. You can cry or laugh or feel what you want to feel like! Nobody knows you in that theater (probably!) 

3. You don’t have to worry about the genre another one likes. 

4. You don’t have to share your snacks (I loved this one!) 

5. It’s how you can treat yourself once in a while. 

6. No talks or questions during the movie

7. Some time to yourself 

8. Book is the ultimate company

9. Watch the world go by!

While, 90% of you made sure to tell me how great it is to be on your own sometimes; few did agree with me on how it is boring or simply weird to eat/go for a movie alone.

Nevertheless, while I might just end up visiting a café or two on my own (doubt though!) ... you don't forget to share your views in the comments section and also, do tell me which which category do YOU fall under?

Until the next blog,
Table for one, please?