28 March 2017

How to get a good night's sleep?

Hi Guys! Hope you had an amazing holiday :) For those who celebrated Gudi Padwa today, best wishes from my side! I am currently on a trip and exploring the Southern Nawabi City of India - Hyderabad! I have just reached the city in the afternoon and it is boiling hot. Phew! How's the weather your side?

I have precisely spent the day lazing around and now, on my bed writing this down after eating my share of a LOT of food at cousin's beautiful house. Every time I hit the bed after a long day, I realise how stressful our lives have become in the recent times. We are always running, working, trying to create something good out of our world. Where's the escape? 

A moment of spending time with yourself, dancing or any workout, good nutrition food, happy time and nice sleep is all one need apart from travelling to a new place (that gives me immense happiness!)

My dad has always given utmost importance to a good night's sleep for a good health. And like me, many of us would agree to the fact that nothing can replace the comfort of your own bed. 

But, what if I tell you that your bed is also one of the primary factor leading to good or bad health? Lack of good sleep can not only lead to lack of concentration but also will make you feel lethargic all day.

What plays a key role is a good night's sleep is your mattress. The right mattress needs to be firm and should provide good alignment for your posture. That means a mattress should not only speak comfort but also support.

According to Foam Home these are the top 3 points one needs to follow while picking up a mattress:

1. Getting the specifics of the mattress

Always remember that the best mattress brands never hesitate to give full information to their customers. When you are in a mattress store, make sure they are able to tell you the specifics of the mattresses you test. Take the feel of the mattresses and try to analyse whether you like springy, firmer or cushy mattress. Do not hesitate to lay on mattresses for 5 to 10 minutes to see if you sink in enough in all positions, especially when you sleep sideways. You need to pick the mattress that creates least pressure points when you sleep in different positions.

2. Checking for comfort

This is the point when you need to check if your mattress provides proper support and alignment to your spine. Here, you would need some help from your partner. Make sure your spine is straight and follows its S curve naturally when sleep on your stomach. If any of your body part sinks in too much or too little, it can be a matter of concern, as it leads to discomfort and can give you back, neck or shoulder ache. A yardstick can be used as a reference point to check the alignment.

3. Shortlist the best ones

This is the simplest and the most straight-forward step. You can relax a bit here, as most of the hard work is already done. If you have had researched properly, you would know that which mattress layer is more comforting and durable at the same time. Quality always matters. 

4. Pick the best mattress

Now this is the final and probably the most difficult step, as here you finally have to pick the mattress based on the combination of different features and specifications. Some mattresses will even have temperature regulation features such as foam mattresses and some offer natural fire barrier.

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Now that you know what a good Mattress requires, don't miss out on having a good sleep every night :)

Have a great week ahead!