18 March 2013

Photography Workshop at Navi Mumbai

I Love Photography. Not that I am a photographer but my best friend - Gaurav, few friends, some college juniors and even my sister is! So what's that, they do which makes them great photographer? 
They KNOW their photography, their camera and just love what they capture :) I want to learn Photography too. Like; in and out. Even though I had a module of Photography in college, could learn only basics. Had little interest that time, but now really like it!

My friend Gaurav who is a freelance Photographer and a Filmmaker has come up with this awesome Photography Workshop for Photography Lovers, Shutterbugs and the people like me who want to learn the art of clicking :)

About the Workshop
Where? - Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
The city is an example of modern India with abundance of serenity and surrounded by beautiful nature.
Duration - 1 Month (starting April 2013)

  • Know the art of Photography and enhance your skills
  • Practical learning: - Indoor and Outdoor Photography assignments and projects
  • Get your own Professional Photographer's Card (Optional)
  • Photography Talk with Eminent Photographers
Amateur Photographer? - Associate with the Workshop and build your Portfolio
Want to learn Photography? - This is the place for you

"Photography makes you see the world rather than just look at it.
See it, while you click it!
Join a month long workshop with us at Navi Mumbai.
Registrations have started.
Stop Looking, Start Seeing."

If Photography drives your passion and holding a camera gives you the perfect chills; I suggest you Join this workshop!

Workshop Fees: 5500/- INR Only
Registrations have started...

Gaurav Prabhu
Phone No. +91 - 8097806108
Email ID: gpreels@gmail.com