15 March 2013

Hit the Beach! *Splash*

I miss the days in Goa! I spent most of my summers for those 5 years on the Beach! Sipping Cold Drinks, playing volleyball with my siblings and just having a great time listening to the splash of the sea. If someone asks me about that perfect wear for the beach? Here's it :)

Lace Tank Top, the perfect Shorts (I Love the multi-color shade), the never-to-be-left-behind Hat, White Shades, comfortable Chappals, Bow for that tied up Pony and that Bag!

Hit the Beach by megha-shrimali featuring printed bags
VILA lace tank
$21 - vila.com

Scotch & Soda dip dyed shorts
$115 - scotch-soda.com

Stuart Weitzman bohemian shoes

Printed bag

$170 - zalando.co.uk

Hair bow accessory

$13 - monki.com

Peony Bush In Light Pink Tall - Simply Chic (Essex, Cambridge, Herts)...
$45 - simply-chic.net

Like it?
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Hit the beach and have some fun! Do not forget to carry that sunscreen with you. :)

P.S: My Love for Polyvore is growing! <3


Nora said...

Great selection, pretty collage


Megha Shrimali said...

Thank You Nora!! :)
You have a lovely blog, following you!

varsha said...

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libys11 said...

cute ensemble!! gosh, really miss the warm weather!!! aaahhh!!!

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Nora said...

Aww thank u
iam a new follower !

Paula Pastrana said...

cool shorts!! <33

Karishma said...

I live in Mumbai and would you believe it, I have never been to Goa :/
Nice collage!

Megha Shrimali said...

I love them too Paula!
Thank You for dropping by! :)

Megha Shrimali said...

Karishma, Please goo!!
Go and have some fun :) Its awesome! 5 yrs of my life I gave to this place <3
btw, thank you!! :)

Megha Shrimali said...

Hello :)
Thank you for dropping by and thank you for informing! :) sure I will take part!

Megha Shrimali said...

Thanks Libysll :)
Sure I will hop on to your blog.

Megha Shrimali said...

Thank You Nora!