30 October 2014

Dell partners with INKtalks 'Beyond Boundaries’

This weekend is power packed with amazing events and conferences happening in Mumbai! Dell has partnered with INKTalks and the theme for the year is 'Beyond Boundaries'.

Dell India, India’s leading end-to-end technology solutions provider announces the launch of their ‘Dell Campassadors’ program and a strategic partnership with INKtalks, an organization which aims to inspire youth, particularly in emerging economies. The association was born out of Dell’s dedicated focus towards the college student community, who not only exhibit a dynamic use of personal technology, but are also advocates for the adoption of new technologies. With this partnership, Dell aims to engage college students through campus ambassadors in a year-long conversation with Dell & INKtalks to foster a strong sense of social orientation and bring student communities together to share knowledge and ideas with peers and work on collaborative projects, all to prepare them for real life challenges.

The INK Conference is an annual celebration of thinkers and doers from diverse walks of life. 

World visionaries – CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, scientists & more – gather under one roof for a cross-pollination of ideas and chance encounters for the next big breakthrough.

The conference is known for its exciting ideas, celebrates milestones and looks to the future innovations.  The conference encourages interdisciplinary thinking where the opinions and ideas of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and film makers, to name a few come together on equal footing.
INK takes the audience on a fascinating journey to expand horizons.

Watch a short video on the INK Conference here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLtIPhWhUUo

Find out more about the speakers here http://www.inktalks.com/conferences/ink2014

Dell has been very vocal among the student community and has successfully sustained annual programs such as ‘Back to College,’ an initiative to creatively empower college-going students both inside and outside the classroom by enabling students to seamlessly merge their offline and online lives. 

The tie up with INKtalks is an extension of Dell’s Back to College initiative and reflects Dell’s continued focus and engagement with the youth. Dell has consistently engaged with the youth in the past, with initiatives like ‘Achieve with Dell’ and ‘I Can Do Kuch Bhi’ which inspired the youth to unlock possibilities and achieve their ambitions, using personal technology as an enabler.

Ritu Gupta, Marketing Director, Consumer and Small Business, Dell India said, “At Dell we believe that technology is a key enabler for driving personal and professional growth. The college student community are at the cusp of realising their potential and as a brand we are keen to help them take that next step towards becoming future leaders. We believe that our collaboration with INKtalks, an organization whose objectives align with ours, to motivate and inspire the youth, will help us engage students at their most energetic and aspirational growth stage. In addition this platform is designed to provide the Dell Campassadors valuable exposure and learning opportunities to prepare them for real world challenges. At Dell, we believe that equipped with direction, recognition and the power of technology, the youth can be enabled to further their goals and achieve personal brilliance.”

Lakshmi Pratury, Host and Curator, INKtalks said, "INKtalks is about opening up the imagination of the youth through stories and equip them to create an impact in the world around them.  We are thrilled to partner with Dell to take our ideas to the student community at large and get them involved in activities throughout the year.  We look forward to engaging with Dell Campassadors who will champion the interaction with their peers, thousands of students in campuses around the country, and catalyze their exposure to INKtalks to help them realizing their imagination into an impact to the society. When we combine the technology outreach of Dell with the projects pioneered by INK, we will have a youth community that can use the technology to make a difference in the communities that they inhabit."

Dell at INK Live
  • Dell will host a session at the INK 2014 Conference, Mumbai on 1st November between 3 and 4 pm.
  • The session will be on How to Create Your Brand on Social Media?
  • Find out more about the INK Talks 2014 here and be sure to tweet with the #DellAtINKLive at the event!
I will be there, and you?

27 October 2014

Health is the greatest gift!

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Dig deep into this thought and you will realize that no matter what you eat, it affects your health; be it positively or negatively. Helping your child build an healthy lifestyle brings lifelong benefits and that's what I have learnt over the years at home. Children depend on parents for their health and wellbeing and hence it becomes necessary for the parents to take care of the same.

Healthy Children signifies healthy home.  Their smile and energy fills our homes and hearts. When this smile falls sick, the effect is seen throughout the house. The house feels gloomy and devoid of any activity to uplift mood. This always happens when my little brother, sister or I get sick. Mother gets frantic, father is busy making rounds of doctor, there's chaos and the atmosphere at home is no less than a rotten vegetable. Who likes it? Nobody.

One needs to help their child develop healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits, because the groundwork of all happiness is a healthy home and it starts from the children who are the source of that happiness.

There are a few rules in my house:

  • Parents make sure that we don’t skip breakfast ever. Isn’t that the most important meal of the day? A happy morning is subjected to what’s in your plate and hence NEVER skip breakfast.
  • Children are the source of happiness at home. Their happiness is often in sports, television and good food. Make sure they never compromise with the food and balanced diet. 
  • A fit body and mind is always chirpy.Meditate, indulge in yoga or exercise for at least 20 minutes a day and never cheat on your routine. 
  • If your health is not happy, it shows on your face and the atmosphere around. Work out and keep it happy.
  • Make sure you have 2-3 servings of fruits and fresh veggies every day.The beauty sleep of 7-8 hours is mandatory.

My parents believe in one thought – ‘Without kids, tomorrow is not worth. They hold family’s future and hence their health is of utmost importance.’ What do you think?

A healthy scene at my house? Siblings fighting, my mother trying to be the moderator and father getting happily irritated with all the chaos. Healthy children implies healthy discussions at home. A healthy mind thinks the best and hence the conversations we indulge in with parents regarding career, relationships or even national issues are talked with utmost care.

Father always says, “One who cannot take care of him/herself, can accomplish nothing.” 

Hence, if you want to succeed in life, achieve your goals and keep family happy; health should come first. One should never keep health on back bench because it is not just you who suffers from illness but the whole family does. If you ain’t happy, they are not.
Stay healthy, keep smiling and spread happiness.

This post has been written as a part of 'A healthy child makes a healthy home' campaign by Dabur Chyawanprash on Indiblogger.

14 October 2014

The Great Inorbit Hunt Contest

Over 1 million impressions and mentions over 730,000 people

Inorbit Malls’ ‘Inorbit In App’ launched on AppStore and Google Play has now been downloaded by over 1000 brand fans within few hours on the day of contest across India courtesy recently concluded and first ever brand fan contest ‘The Great Inorbit Hunt Contest’.

Mr. Puneet Varma, General Manager – Marketing, Inorbit Malls said, “The response to The Great Inorbit Hunt Contest has been overwhelming and phenomenal. We received over one million impressions, 2,200 retweets,168 tweets made by us which received 483 RT’s . However the ‘retweets reach’ was more than 365,000 since our fans were tagging us and using the campaign hashtag to announce the contest. This could not have been possible without our fans on both Twitter and Facebook. We are grateful to all our fans that actively promoted and encouraged all their friends and followers to participate and win in this contest. This is the first time ever a brand used a fan’s tweet to announce a contest on a social media platform. It has been a great success for us and we look forward to create more such million experiences for our fans both online and offline.

Launched across its Facebook and Twitter pages, the contest promoted and viral-led by Inorbit brand fans kick started with current brand fans encouraging new fans to download Inorbit In App and favourite their mall thereby getting a chance to win gift vouchers worth Rs. 25,000/-.

For the first time ever a brand contest was announced by its brand fans on twitter. The contest was launched with the fans tweeting live about the contest, tagging @inorbitmall using the creative shared with them and encouraging their followers to participate and win. The first tweet announcing the contest got an encouraging response with over 2,200 retweets. Within few hours, over 1000 Inorbit In App was downloaded and app pictures posted, 170 new followers started following @inorbitmall twitter page and over 114 fans registered for the contest. The mentions reached over 730,000 people and the collective reach of mentions and retweets was over 1 million.

The pre-production involved a complete analysis of @Inorbitmall followers by location, reaching to select followers through ‘Direct Message’. 5300 twitter followers were manually analysed for tweet quality, follower count, Inorbit brand affinity & influence. Previous contest winners were marked as ‘high affinity’ individuals.

All the participants had to do on downloading Inorbit In App was to favourite their mall and get a chance to participate in the contest through Shake & Win feature. On using the feature, the participants were led to the Facebook App Link which they had to like to get the first hint and then proceed to favourite a particular store, go to Shake & Win to see the second hint. The final step included linking to a webpage where the contestant was asked to fill details like name, email, number, city, on submitting the details, the participants were led to questions which had to be answered by them. On successfully completing the contest, participants uploaded pictures and shared their entire experience on Inorbit facebook page and twitter handle.