22 January 2012

Sirf tasveerein hi saath reh jaati hain...

A feeling of nostalgia sets in as I sit to pen down (I mean type down) my first post here…

Life goes by on the wings of time. Not long back, you were in school and then the college came along; it’s like saying goodbye to school friends wasn’t just enough.
College Life promises a lot of things; fun, enjoyment, freedom and the friends we make for a lifetime. Semester by semester goes, lectures, submissions, hangouts, birthday parties, sleepovers, night outs, IVs, road trips, photo sessions, college fests and of course Semester exams!

The last few months in College feels like end of the world. Last semester, Farewell and then in midst of all, infinite promises to your friends and vowing to meet and have fun forever even after college gets over.

In the last few months, it’s like if we could start all over again. Suddenly, every night and day you are flooded with nostalgia, memories keep flashbacking in your mind, oh! And then how you remind your friends of the days you had with them in your very first year in college; sailing the journey from Strangers to Friends, Friends to Best Friends, Crushes to Lovers, Friends to Enemies and vice versa too. You wonder how a group of 4 became 8 and then 70 after a stupid second year IV (Industrial visit), as if being in small group wasn’t your cup of tea. From the first year to the last year, you travel to a time where college friends become your family and somehow you stop boasting about your school friends. :P

You become the king of campus in your final year!
Project Discussions (read, group clashes), Heartbreaks, and egoism, gives you a reason or two to hate your life but then when that stupid friend comes with that stupid smile, your heart melts and the life seems alright, yet again!

Time changes, seasons go by and we develop an everlasting bond. As we say good bye in this final year, no matter how strong we are, try to hold back those tears. We all know this time eventually comes, years flows by but memories remain, faces and names stay the same, and as we go out into a world unknown – we realise there’s no place like college – the place we call our second home.

But what possibly the future may hold? Lots of Memories to treasure, a point from where we can never turn back, place we will never forget and friends who will stay in our hearts forever! Lets have lot of fun in our last year of college... and click lots of Moments.. 
Goes the famous saying... We did not know that we were creating memories, we were just having fun!

Aakhir, Sirf tasveerein hi saath reh jaati hain :')

Leaving you all with the serene voice of Haider Ali...

Be Right Back! :)