21 March 2012

For what you are (Book Review)

Book by Sneha Gupta; For what you are

Read this book and you will not sigh on reading another love story. You will have a few laughts, a few tears and will love to read through. This book is a debut by Sneha Gupta. Sneha, who fantasised writing since childhood has written this romantic comedy.
This book has friends, peer pressure, love, fights, the typical Indian mom finding a rich guy and what not. It is like a typical Bollywood saga with all the twists and turns. Every second minutes something happens which keeps you hooked to reading it. There is nothing that you will hate about the book. It’s a simple story that you are bound to like.
The story is for you to read but I will say what is identical in the story with real life and the reel life. This story has a mom who has a daughter and like every Indian middleclass mother, the only tension of her life is her wedding. She is running after her to get married to a super rich guy she finds.
The mother is doing everything possible to hook up her daughter Snigdha, with the rich guy, Atul. Funny and intense read waiting to be read in the book. There is a lot more apart from this angle but this is how I relate the book to a traditional Indian woman. Read the book and find out what you like about it.

About the Author: Sneha Gupta
Sneha Gupta works with the State Bank of India. She is a graduate from B.R.A. Bihar University, Centre for distance education. Passionate about writing she started her journey at the young age of eighteen. She is a versatile writer; her writings reflect freshness in every aspect be it poems, ghazals, short stories and her book. She has a keen interest in fine arts and photography. She is a dreamer, who pens down her thoughts. She is a small town girl from Lalganj in the District of Vaishali of the state Bihar. A girl with simple living and high thinking, who wants to spend her leisure time all alone. Her two best friends notebook and pen always gives her good company.
(About the author via www.cupidspeaks.com )

18 March 2012

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09 March 2012

Language of Fashion: Funky 'n' Junky

Fashion and College go together like peanut butter and jelly, and college goers are in for a treat when it comes to following fashion. The days are gone when college fashion was merely about dressing up just another day. The trend now is that of sporting Junk Jewellery, popularly called Funky Jewellery.

Colorful, easily available, very affordable, lightweight and happening.

Street Shop, Mumbai

Funky Jewellery and Accessories are really useful for college students as they can alter their look in no time. Colorful beads, bangles, neck pieces, bracelets, anklets, you name it and you have it. These attention grabbing bright  Color'ed accessories are available in every nook and corner; streets, malls and our very own favorite Mumbai locals.

Accessories in Local Trains, Mumbai
College goers have different fashion requirements that make them cool or otherwise. Buying such Jewelry depends on the tastes and definition on how they choose jewelry. For them, everything cool is almost everything that is - normal! The Funky jewelry signifies youth in its very beginning therefore the colors are attractive and designs - yes, rebellious!

Bracelets or beaded chains on the wrists were initially sported thanks to various religious and cultural believes. But from what the guys who are sporting seems that it does not have much to do with tradition as much as it has got to do with making a style statement. Tulsi malas, the Japanese peace band, coloured threads that are considered holy, and the like, have become more popular for their style quotient.

Well, a little from my collection :D

The trend now, is to ensure that one of your wrist sports a whole lot of junk stuff, while on the other, one can use just a funky looking watch. That’s what really ups the cool quotient.

Little more from my collection :D
All are close to heart! <3
College is the time one gets to experiment with different kinds of colors, outfits and accessories. It is at that time of a person's phase, where your fashion sense evolves.
Keeping their limited budget in mind, they experiment with street fashion where they have the variety to pick trendy accessories at affordable price. 

Places like Colaba Causeway (Colaba, Mumbai), Fashion Street (Churchgate), Hill Road (Bandra), Linking Road (Bandra), offer great street fashion for students to pick up such junk accessories. College students can experiment with a plethora of  Colors and accessorise the look with junk jewellery.
Girls sporting their colorful accessory
Street shopping, Linking Road, Bandra

Picture Courtesy: Siddharth Chandan

Paulo Coelho aptly said, “Ever since groups of men and women first started living together in caves, fashion has been the only language everyone can understand, even complete strangers.” It is a way of saying: I belong to your world.

So, Who inspires them? Let us take an example of a college going teenager Deepshikha. She loves it when she receives compliments for her fashion sense from her peers. Praises, second glances, admiring comments and flattering remarks take her on cloud nine. This results in making her to follow current fashion trends and hence update her wardrobe to fit in with the running fashion, and the trend passes on. Yah and off course, other reasons behind picking up such jewellery is the popularity created for them by TV Actors and film stars and even the models walking the ramp.

College students keep a regular check on what is ‘in’ and upgrade their wardrobes regularly. Every generation, every decade and every college-batch have set their own fashion statement with different styles and trends.

The trend is all about Comfort, so far so good, more about what catches the eyes!
Not apt? Then, discarded! In the end, it’s all about being comfortable in your skin, and that’s the way it should be.

So, what's your Language of Fashion? Write-in!
Keep Accessorising ! ;)

08 March 2012

God's Best Creation - A Woman

"The heart of a woman is a deep abyss at the bottom of which
you will always find forgiveness!"

A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend... A Woman plays 'n' number of roles in her entire life.

Mother… Being a Mother makes her the creator of life.  No matter what day or time she is always by your side. She is your Best Friend, Best Listener, a well-wisher, best secret treasurer, a teacher and what not!
Mother is like the wind setting your life free to roam, the earth you have been standing on so long!

Sister… the one who cares, shares, loves and fights with you! Your Best Friend, in someone you can confide just anything.
Says, Jenny DeVries; What’s the good news if you haven’t a sister to share it? 
A Sister is a forever Friend.

Wife… A beautiful woman, who can be a puzzle at times but is a solution to every problem of your life. She is always there, binds your family, takes care of her kids and even Sundays are her working days.
A never-complaining figure, epitome of unconditional Love!

Daughter… A dad’s sweetheart, a mother’s all time support; daughter is the Lifeline of her Parents. A symbol of sacrifice, right from her childhood she sacrifices her happiness, first for her younger siblings and then when she grows up and gets married for her family as a wife, daughter-in-law and then as a mother.
Love this famous Irish saying, ‘A son is a son till he has a wife, a daughter is a daughter all her life!

Girl-Friend… is like a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, always soothing and never loosing hope. The one who knows all about you and still likes you.

Cheers to all the roles of a Woman! 

Respect the Woman in your Life :)

I got this message on Women's Day today... Looks apt here, It goes like this...
When you Rock her to sleep, she is a Daughter
When you Trust her with Secrets, she is a Sister
When commitment is unconditional, she is a Wife
When you need to cry, she is a Mother
When a Shoulder is needed for support she is a Friend

Happy Women's Day!

Tell me about the woman of your life, in the comments section, below!Takecare... :)

07 March 2012

Rang Barse!

Holi hai bhai, Holi hai!
The weather is exciting, making everybody and everything lively, inducing a merry making element.
Get set to paint yourselves in the colours of Joy! The festival of colours is round the corner.
             Holi is celebrated with great fanfare in all the parts of our country. It bids adieu to winter and heralds spring. The festival brings in unadulterated Joy. Amidst teasing and laughing we forget who we are, where we belong to and mix with all in the riots of colours.

Dunking friends in mud pool, throwing water balloons on passer-by’s, smell of delicious food, multi- coloured beings’ walking on the road… marks Holi!

Many mythological stories are associated with this festival, the famous one being of King Hiranyakashyapa and his son Prahalad, marking the victory of good over evil.

A festival that has always inspired evergreen Bollywood songs like- ‘Rang barse’, ‘Holi ke din’,
‘Holi khele Raghuveera’, is here… Get ready to colour  your life with endless Happiness!

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi!
Rang Barse!

02 March 2012

Forever with YOU...

Soldiers... they never fall weak, never fear to shed their blood 'coz all that matters to them is
 their Motherland! But, every soldier is someone's love too...
Someone who, back home waits for his letters, for a word of love and for him to come back home soon...

Here's a  letter to his love back home... from somewhere in the war zone,
hoping he will be back home... forever with her, soon!

Forever with YOU <3
Distance doesn't matter
When the hearts are connected.
You were never far from me
Unless I went distant.

I carry my home in my heart
writing this letter being so far apart.
Everyone here is willing to go home
but the town is struck with deep warn thorn!

I have no news from where you are
Rumors, gossips, are far from where we are.
Yet the words still reach to me
Like silent tears come thinking of You and Me...

Women are all alone
and the children are crying.
Men are standing barefoot
in the snowy water all night.

TV and Radio are all smashed hard
With bare hands they are tearing the houses apart!

But I promise there will be peace
and my dream will be fulfilled.
Hope that day is near soon
When I will be there forever with YOU...