19 May 2013

FabAlley - Style the Celeb Contest :)

All of you must be aware of FabAlley right? If not, then look up for them here: http://www.faballey.com/aboutus.aspx

They have this contest going on where you have style your favorite celeb among the choices given and the best styling wins a shopping spree with them for 2500 INR. Personally, I really like FabAlley and couldn't really miss this chance to style a celeb at least online if not offline :P

I chose Anushka Sharma wearing a Boho Maxi Skirt in this photograph. Here's how I would style her with FabAlley

Going with her Summer and Boho look, I have chosen light accessories and shoes for her (as seen in the pic).

1. Cross Charms Armband : http://www.faballey.com/cross-charms-armband_27
This Armband is stylish and goes with her Boho Maxi skirt, giving a little funky look. I haven't given her any bangle or bracelet to wear as this armband is just what she needs here.

Looking at her simple yet fresh look, a heavy necklace won't do any justice. So I have chosen a wrap necklace.

3. Black Gilt Tipped Shoulder Bag : http://www.faballey.com/black-gilt-tipped-shoulder-bag_2
Adding to her carefree look, a shoulder bag would go just fine. The bag not just looks sophisticated and uptown but also goes with her top which is plain black.

4. Valeria Gladiator Sandals : http://www.faballey.com/valeria_gladiator_sandals
Perfect for a Bold yet Casual look!

5. Gold Chains Earcuff Hair Slide : http://www.faballey.com/gold-chains-earcuff-hair-slide_32
No heavy danglers or any other earring but this Earcuff hair slide which acts as a Hair accessory as well as an earring with those studs on top of ear. Simple yet attractive!

All set to reign this summer :) Do let me know in the comments whether the styling has gone right or wrong, too bad or good? :D

You can participate in the contest too. TODAY (19th May 2013) is the last date! Contest details here: http://www.faballey.com/blog/index.php/faballeys-style-a-celeb-contest

Love <3

Thank You for making me your daughter...

'I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with Parentous.com'

Ma, Thank You for making me your daughter...

24/07/1991, I came in this world knowing nothing, lying and crying beside a lady who looked at me with grace and a smile... A smile which still lights my day...
That smile is still there and that's where it should be.

After a few years, I started calling that lady - Mumma... It felt good, it feels better now, much-much better. When she would take me in her arms, felt like a world to me - a comfort nothing can replace on this earth; not even heaven. 

I don't know why but Mumma thinks I am more close to Papa. May be, may be not. May be I love them equally. Oh, I don't know! But she doesn't know that - She, is my life. Someone who has taught me to give love and respect. She has always been that strong willed lady but very soft at heart.. I don't know how she gathers so much courage and force to guide our family through all the ups and downs'...

I won't be wrong in saying that there exists no language which holds the words to express the love, affection, beauty and strength of mother's love. True, right?

I remember the next morning of my birthday few years back when only 4 pieces of cake were left for a family of 5 and she promptly announced - I had one piece extra last night so you all eat this. Strange, how she does it. This is just a peanut example of the sacrifices she has done for us.

If mom scolds one day, she loves on the other; most of the time this happens together. Even though I look a lot like my Mumma I can never match what she has done and keep doing for us.

She has always motivated me to write, be socially active and pursue my dreams. She loves to see me blog or getting acknowledged for some work; I feel the same when she does. 

2 years back when I took her for a Women's Day special cookery competition in our city; she was beaming with grace. The next day when her photograph came in the city newspaper - I was beaming with the feeling of Proud. Yes, I felt proud. I loved that she was happy...happy for something she loves doing.

I have always admired her courage, dedication and positivity in life. She is NOT just a mother, a housewife or a wife but a teacher, a guide, a lover, a best friend and
a blessing which god has bestowed on me.

She has created a future for me and I will for her, the best I can do is fulfill all her dreams and give all the happiness she deserves...

Love You, Ma...I'll always do.

15 May 2013

Ramp ready hair with TRESemme

"If I haven't told you yet, here I do - I am glad you are a part of me."
I want to say this to my Hair. I don't have thick and long hair but somehow I love them. They are soft, wavy and little brown (No, I am not a Blonde!). I have always sported a ponytail - it looks good, no worries and an easy hairstyle. But, I have always desired to have long luscious hair and sport those gorgeous hairstyles they show on TV or I have seen some of my friend sporting. I don't want to colour my hair or straighten them but yes, I would love to give them some style everyday!

I saw this video by TRESemme few days back and loved every bit of it. (Scroll down for video). The video featuring Diana Penty showcases beautiful hairstyles for the type of hair you have. For example - I have wavy hair. They have an option for Wavy, Curly and Straight.

The video suggested me TRESemme's Climate Control Shampoo. I received a sample of the same from Indiblogger.com and started applying few days back, the results are amazing! :)

Watch the video; look for your hair-type shampoo and shine with those perfect ramp ready hair with TRESemme!

I couldn't share my pictures here due to my ill health but I do have hairstyling options here if you want to be Ramp Ready with TRESemme :) Scroll down and enjoy...

1. Side Ponytail

I Love this Hairstyle. Flirty and feminine Hairdo is easy to pull off. Start by winding sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron to create soft spirals. Then, part your hair down the center and gather everything into a low side pony, leaving out a to leave them in front.
Dress to go with: A maxi or with a shoulder down dress

2. The Twist Braid

Easy and Elegant

Decide how big of a section you want for your twist braid, then clip everything else aside for later. Backcomb the entire section. After it's backcombed use the comb to smooth down the top layer so it doesn't look ratted. Start by taking a thin section (about 1/4 inch) off of your part and splitting it in half. Twist the front half over the back half, so the back half is now in front. Take another thin section (just like the first one) and add it to the front piece. You are done!

3. Ponytail with Braids

This cute and stylish hair style will surely turn some heads. Divide the hair into two equal parts. Tie a high pony tail leaving around the front section. Now take the front half, and start braiding the hair till the end. Secure the braid at the root of the pony tail with bobby pins.
Dress to go with: That perfect summer look!

4. The Fishtail braid

For this pony hairstyle, tie a low pony tail by securing the hair with bobby pins. Braid your hair into a fish tail braid and leave around 3 inches of hair at the end. You can tie the hair with a colourful elastic band. This hair style is ideal for girls having long hair.
Dress to go with: Denim Shorts, 3/4ths, Denim Short skirts

5. The Side Bun

Take a section from front right side. Twist it along the hair-line and pin it at the back. Do likewise on the left side. Remove the pins and tie both the twisted sections with an elastic band. 
Now, gather all your hair in a ponytail. Separate the ponytail into 3 sections (no. of sections may vary depending on the thickness of your hair). Twist each section around the ponytail and pin it into bun shape.
Dress to go with: A cocktail dress

6. Messy Updo

Throw your hair into a mid ponytail. Take a comb and tease the ponytail. Wrap the ponytail around itself and when you have about three inches of hair left separate the sections and twist in opposite directions. Secure the pieces on top of the bun with a few bobby pins. You can always leave some strands in front. ( I guess they look really nice, if you can handle them)
The Messier - the better! ;)
Dress to go with: This one's my fav. I guess I am in this hairstyle whole day long at home :P Its a casual look, goes with just everything!

These hairstyles go with wavy hair :) Hope you try some of them and yes, I will be sharing my styles (pictures) pretty soon in a different post!
Till then; try these cute yet easy ramp ready hairstyles and hit the ramp with TRESemme India.

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PR News | The New Premium Fragrance by Oriflame - ‘More by Demi’

Step into the Fantasy World with the New Premium Fragrance by Oriflame 'More by Demi' 
~Partners with the Hollywood diva Demi Moore to create the fragrance~

Transform your life into a vibrant fairy tale as Oriflame launches its premium fragrance collection 'More by Demi'. The collection, that marks Oriflame’s glorious 45 years globally, has been launched in collaboration with one of the world’s most alluring and recognizable Hollywood actresses, Demi Moore.  Designed to truly entice you, the new collection consists of More by Demi Eau de Parfum and More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray.

 Giving every woman a taste of the Hollywood lifestyle, More by Demi casts an enchanting spell and offers sophistication, sensuality and exquisite indulgence.  Encased in an irresistible gold bottle, More by Demi Eau de Parfum embodies a world of pure Hollywood magic. Bewitching Tahitian Ylang-Ylang, elegant Jasmine Sambac and creamy Sandalwood entwine in a seductive embrace to capture incomparable glamour and sophistication.

The fragrance has been captured in a body spray as well. More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray is a royal indulgence. With its luminous and velvety notes, the body spray is ideal for a subtle hint of fragrance with a long-lasting cinematic glamour.

More by Demi Eau de Parfum– Rs 2690 for 50 ml

  More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray– Rs 198 for 75 ml
Availability: Contact your nearest Oriflame consultant or SMS Oriflame to 59994.

11 May 2013

Go Goa Gone Movie Review

Me and my friends went for this film yesterday (1st day!) and here's what my Filmmaker,Photographer friend has to say about it:

"Who calls this film a low budget film? I seriously want to know who does, because if you talk about creativity and talent of making film by first timers this is some priceless stuff. For the youth of India it is a joy ride blended with an amazing concept of zombies. The way each and every dialogue is written with a proper use of inversion theory and precise use of shots for each part keeps the audience engaged even in the slowest parts of the film. Talking about acting- each and every actor, be it the weirdest zombie to the Delhite Russian Mafia - Saif Ali Khan; all have maintained the consistency of the character given and played. GPReels recommends Goa Goa Gone to all our followers its a fun zombiestic ride which you'l never forget. Go Keel some dead people!" 

Well, what's written above is true and here goes what I have to say about this ZomCom:
"There is much more to Go Goa Gone than me smoking a cigar"; said Saif Ali Khan on his twitter account. 
I agree, totally. The movie is wacky, laid out perfectly in a mix of witty dialogues, great acting and good location. The plot may keep you off track in the later half of the movie (sometimes) but the dialogues, punch lines, acting, this whole idea of people turning into zombies and Hardik(Kunal Kemmu), Luv(Vir Das), Bunny (Tiwari), Luna (Pooja Gupta) facing them with the help of Boris (Saif Ali Khan) ad Nicholi will keep you on your seat not wanting to miss any scene. The dialogues will haunt you (fun way) again and again. I narrated the movie to my sis yesterday and I am ready to be dragged by her for a second watch! :D

By the way guys, if you have seen the movie too, write a review and post in on Go Goa Gone's FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/GoGoaGone/app_203351739677351 and you can win goodies!!

Go, watch the film and keel some dead people! ;)

07 May 2013

Bon Appetit | Paneer Makhani

Much delayed but finally here; my Recipe for Paneer Makhani. I didn't make it alone, my dad helped with this (a little :P) but yes, I found it yummy!
Disclaimer: I am not a regular cook. I just make evening tea :P

I hope it looks yummy enough... :P
Here it goes...

Ingredients: (For a family of 5)
* 250gm Paneer - cut into pieces
* 6 tomatoes
* 1 tsp chopped ginger
* 2 tbsp butter/ghee and 2 tbsp oil
* seeds of 2 cardamom (choti elaichi) - crushed
* 1/2 tsp sugar
* 1 tsp Salt to taste
* 1/2 tsp Garam Masala

* 1 tsp Red Chili Powder

* 4 tbsp Cashew nuts - ground to paste after soaking in 1/4 cup water

* 1/2 cup milk/cream

* 2 Green Chilies

Let the cooking begin...

Step.1) Make a puree of 6 tomatoes, ginger and enough cup water. (1/2-1). Take this Puree in a deep dish, cover it and cook it for 5 minutes.
Step.2) Take another Dish/utensil; in that - take oil, butter/ghee, cardamom and cook for a minute. Add salt, sugar, red chilli powder and garam masala. Mix well.
Step.3) Now add the tomato puree to the above mixture and mix well. Cover it and cook for 5 minutes. Stir once. Cook uncovered for another 5 minutes.
Step.4) Add Cashew nut paste. Mix it. Add 1/2 cup water. Cook for another 5 minutes. Now add paneer. Add enough milk/cream to get a thick reddish brown gravy. Cook for another 2 minutes.
Step.5) Garnish will Green Chilli and serve hot.
Note: You can add Paneer in the gravy after Step.4 too.

Few more pictures...

To add, if you make Paneer at home; don't throw away the Paneer water. You can add it to the wheat flour while molding it. It makes Chapati yummy and soft. + added nutrients :)

Do leave in your comments, if you gonna try this! 
If you guys want me to try and put more recipes do let me know in the comments section.

Megha <3