29 April 2013

Ready for a Ride?

Ready for a Ride?

Black top, $10 / Hudson stretch skinny jeans, $245 / Naturalizer real leather boots, $245 / Shaun Leane rose gold bangle, $9,130 / Moscot eyewear / Meredith Wendell

May be the next time you are on the road and in for a bike ride, consider this Polyvore Set. High on Fashion, High on Life!
Personally I love Black and feel the most comfortable in Jeans, so they are totally IN for me!
For those endless Road trips! ;) B-)
Are you ready for a Ride?

27 April 2013

Wrap them up - (Featuring Mapri Couture + A Surprise)

I love to wear scarves. The pretty colorful ones'. However, I also love the stoles. Aren't they the same? No they are not! I used to think that a Scarf and a Stole are one and the same but they are two different things. 

Let's know the difference... A Stole is considered to be lady's shawl or a long scarf. A stole is usually worn to cover a lady's shoulders and arms. Whereas a Scarf is smaller in width and also worn for Fashion and even religious reasons.

Found this on google:

"Scarf - Size of scarf normally varies from 10cm -40cm in width and 120cm - 200 cm in length. Among scarves also they differ a lot in size.
Stole - Stoles are also sometimes called wraps. Generally comes in size of 50-70 cm wide to 175cm -190cm long."

Stoles and Scarves are not just trendy but also helps in protecting your skin from UV rays and other harmful rays. My wardrobe has Scarves and Stoles both and they are a must this HOT season! I have usually seen and used Stoles like the ones in the picture below -

Stoles (Source:Google)
The ones' you saw above are very common in market and personally, I have got quite bored of them. Few days back, I came across an online store Mapri Couture, saw their Stole collection ad said - Wao! They are different from the lot and the vibrant colors are sure to catch your / other's eyes this SS13! ;) Take a look and don't forget to say - WOW!

Pakka Indian ;) hai na? These Stoles give me a feeling of being in Punjab (and I don't know why :P). They are totally hatke and look at those cloth balls and decorative ends to the stole - pretty! :) Mapri Couture is new venture and is sure to be a HIT! Their collection includes Kurtis, Tassels, Beautiful Lehengas too! Do Visit them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mapri-Couture/223862087742502

and now the surprise - Mapri Couture has agreed to Giveaway one stole to the readers of my blog :) *Happy*

What do you have to do to win this? As always, simple and easy steps to win this!
Enter the Rafflecopter Below :D
[The first 4 entries are Mandatory and rest Extra/Optional]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! ;)

26 April 2013

URBAN TURBAN brings you an Exclusive SALE

Urban Turban brings you an Exclusive SALE on exquisite modern Jewellery this week on my blog. You can shop for Gorgeous Neck pieces, Beautiful Earrings and Bracelets. The collection is sure to catch your eyes and fill your Jewellery Boxes :)

The SALE is open till 28th April 2013 (10 AM IST). You can book any piece of your choice on the details mentioned at the last of this post. Have a look at the Jewellery collection of Urban Turban up for SALE!

The earrings are beautiful. The colors are sure to add the bling to your look!

 Personally, I Love the Heart and Bows earrings > (3rd one)

Necklaces shown below are unique in their designs. Perfect mix of Classy and Chic.

Aren't they beautiful?
To book any piece of Jewelry shown here, please send across a mail to - urbanturban13@gmail.com.
For any queries you can email me - shrimali.m24@gmail.com

This SALE is exclusively for the readers of my blog :) Don't miss this chance! grab your fav.!!
Thank you Urban Turban :)

Happy Shopping!!! ♥

24 April 2013

He's the one...

Often comes a time in Life when you want to get lost. Lost in the wilderness of this earth... Lost in the beauty of nature... Lost in someone's arms and sometimes Lost WITH someone. That time you somehow know, He's the one...

You do all the silly things in the world. Dedicating him messages on Facebook, tweeting about how much you love someone; somehow indicating him that you feel he's the one for you... But, does he know?

Then one day you have fight with him. You say sorry and you apologise. But what if you have hurt him real bad? what if a Sorry wouldn't do? But of course you have to make him feel better - because he is your WORLD...

Seen all the superhero flicks but your hero is only HIM? May be then you know he is the one for you... He is your Batman, your Iron Man and even your Superman (it doesn't matter if he doesn't wear his pants inside out ;) ) really!

You apologise again and then you meet. He gives you that perfect Hug inspite of being mad at you and somehow you can't stop your tears and he calls you a whiny baby but still you know why you crying and how much that hug means to you after a fight.

Because You Love Him and he Loves you too... and you know he's the one for you.

and then you keep thinking about the times you have spent with him... Eating that cup full of Mayonnaise and loving Maggi all the more just because you once made for him. Slowly falling in love after friendship and still continuing with stupid fights... Long talks? not necessary :P

There's TRUST, there's UNDERSTANDING when you know He's the one. Jealousy? Of course it stays, but it doesn't mean Trust takes a back seat. You are into him when you He's the one. don't you?

It doesn't matter what life you lived before because now, everything seems perfect with him. Even with all those fights, stupid talks and the kicks - you know where you belong and everything seems all-right with just one look. When you know - no one can replace HIM <3
You think of HIM more... He doesn't have to cross your mind because he doesn't even leaves it. Sometimes you may not show, but you need to show. By not just words but by doing it. Letting him know how special he is...
If he is that friend you found in your love, he's the one... <3

If you can associate with UP (the movie) every time you watch it, then he's the one... making dreams together? :D 

Can't say? Good. Do it. Hug is the best way. If you know what I mean and If you know he's the one...
and yes, if he gets you the Cindrealls Shoes or be it any shoes...even if he stands near Vero Moda or Tresmode or Steve Madden or Catwalk with you... he's the one. <3

It rains and you have him, smiling with you? Dance and enjoy as it pours... you may never get that beautiful time back... Don't forget to tell him - He's the one <3

Believe, you are the perfect two <3 and if you still fighting, listen to this song together! :)
(How much I love this song!!!)


18 April 2013

I want a magical wand

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. 
~Irish Proverb

Well that's what I have been doing since more than a fortnight now. I hate it when I get sick (who doesn't?) I am back to blogging after a long time now. Was away and then got sick (Still on bed rest). There are so many things I have to blog about but then my Mom won't let me sit for more than 30 minutes (Heartbreaking).

Someone should lend me a Magical wand if they have got one. I would just sway it in air and make myself healthy again. 
This wand looks pretty, anyone? :D

I miss FOOD. You know what I mean right? The Food, Food. Not the Food my mom is giving me these days :| To add, my love for Summer is also flying away day by day. What is Summer to me? the Florals, scarfs, Denim Shorts, Neon and Pastel Colors, Ice cream, Ice Gola, Water Splash, etc. But this Summer; I am trapped inside my home in my ugly Pajamas, eating "Healthy" food with occasional TV and social networking (online). This is sick! Someone make me super healthy really fast?

I also have my Convocation Ceremony next week. Got this beautiful dress from InLoveWithFashion :) Will try and do an outfit post if I am able to make it to the ceremony! *touchwood* :|

How's it? :D
It has got the *lace* (wanted it since long!)
You can buy this or any other from their gorgeous collection too <3

My friend is gonna get me matching Pumps from Vero Moda or may be I will wear the Navy Blue wedges I got from Catwalk Shoes recently :D Excited!

By the way, there is one good thing about me being at home and doing nothing :P I can do my art-craft stuff. Left it long back bcz of no time but now I can do something. Will share with you all :) 

Its 30 minutes of me sitting on Laptop, mom would kill me so I better go! :P I will be back this weekend with a "Summer" post and a beautiful giveaway for all of you!
Till then, Sip Cold H2O and be safe this Summer!
Tada ;)

02 April 2013

One trend which is gonna stay forever - SS13


Spring by megha-shrimali featuring vintage dresses

Here's me presenting my new Polyvore set. I genuinely believe that Florals is that one trend which is here to stay forever. Every Spring and Summer this trend creates a beautiful world for all the fashion lovers which is never boring and never a repeat!

Alice Olivia vintage dress

I Loved this dress in particular. I suggest you check out the collection at Alic e Olivia - http://www.aliceandolivia.com/whats-new.html. The collection is really beautiful. and this one's vintage = perfecto!

Oxford shoes

Chanel foundation
$55 - harrods.com

Etude House lipstick

H M blush
$4.53 - hm.com

Pieces nail polish
$4.86 - pieces.com

I will be back with a new look, super soon! :)
Don't forget to follow me on Polyvore.
Here: http://megha-shrimali.polyvore.com/

Much Love,
Megha <3