03 August 2017

Take that break!

I am writing this from the desk of the job that I have recently quit. Quit, to make amends to my health. Quit, to make amends to my heart. Quit, to make amends to Family and friends. Quit, for peace.

How often have you found yourself looking at the screen of your laptop, doing nothing, just gazing into it, with plethora of thoughts running in your head making no sense at all?

From the past few months, I have lived such a moment more than many times. Reason? Unknown. May be it is the stress of commuting in this commotion of Mumbai Local and its crowd or was it the work stress? Or sheer dreams of moving out of a full time work to doing things which will give me peace?

Months went by, the idea of resigning was always at the back of my mind. Sooner or later I knew I had to, but didn’t know when. You know this idea of a regular salary coming into your account is like a plague. De-stressing from no angle whatsoever. I don’t have to pay home bills or grocery as I live with my parents. Money isn’t the issue, it is more like, being at peace, more happy, away from the hustle bustle of the regular life. Wanting to lose the unhealthy fat and live the age old dream of writing, working on-the-go, while I get to see the world at my own pace.

The idea of moving into a freelance job struck me a few months back and there, it was decided that I will move on. Mental and Physical health, adequate amount of sleep, adequate amount of time with Family and friends – that’s all I could see. 

While I was scrolling through Twitter the other day, several tweets made me realise how I am not alone. There are many souls looking for freedom from their current lifestyle. Some have faced mental breakdown, some on the verge of it, some passed through it. It is okay to be low, friends. But it is all the more okay to realise that it is time you move onto something which is better; be it a job, a relationship, a city; anything.

Take that break.

Talk to your boss, friends, colleagues and family. Nothing is worth mental peace.

Move out of your cubicle. Move your head out of that laptop. Move out of the plethora of notifications which barge your life almost every second.
*ABC liked your Photo*
*123 tagged you in a meme*
*Your tweet has been Retweeted 12 times*
mute that non-stop buzzing whatsapp group. 

Take that break!

Pay attention to your family asking for some time with them, pay attention to your brother who probably wants to discuss how his day was at school today, pay attention to your sister who might be wanting to go out on a dinner date with you, pay attention to your best friend who is always there to listen to your rants, pay attention to things which don't need a notification.

You won’t get this time again :)
Stay tuned to my chronicles of life post no-desk job ...