23 March 2013

Soulflower' AND Purplle.com's Bloggers Meet [Mumbai]

Friend: "Where were you last Sunday?"
Me: "You mean 17th of March?"
Friend: "yeah, the very same!"

Me: "I was at the Spaghetti Kitchen, Inorbit Malad, enjoying my Sunday afternoon with fellow bloggers at the  Purplle.com & Soulflower's Bloggers Meet!"
Friend: "That's Wow! Tell me more about it."

Here goes the "more" about it, for all of you! :)

The Bloggers meet was organised by Purplle.com & Soulflower India

The teams welcomed all the bloggers with a Maroon Velvet Goodie Bag. 

The Bag contains: A Diary, Pencil, Rubber, A Rose,
Chocolate and a Candle (Pics below)

Even though I was 30 minutes late to the event the team were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable.
As soon as I entered the venue which was The Spaghetti Kitchen, Inorbit Malad; I could see my fellow bloggers standing surrounding a table and talking to each other. As I kept my things aside and went ahead, I saw the table full of Soulflower Products ranging from the variety of Soaps, Massage Oils, Essential Oils, etc. I made a mental shopping list as I looked through the aromatic products.
Have a look...

Table full of Soulflower Products
The products showcased were amazing. I tried a few of them and they are indeed in my shopping list. This session also included "Summer Care" tips by Amit Sarda, CEO, Soulflower
Amit Sarda, CEO, Soulflower
Post this, Pankaj Balani - Head, Purplle.com Salons introduced the new feature of "Salon Finder".

Interactive session with Pankaj Balani, Purplle.com
The new feature lets you find the nearest Salon to your place in not just Mumbai but other cities as well. However the feature is still under work but will be available soon. I personally feel that a feature like this not only helps you to save your time but lets you choose, wisely! They also have rate cards for all their salons - amazing help right?

The interactions were accompanied by yummy lunch at the restaurant. I personally love Italian cuisine and when it comes to Pizza, oh god I am taken!

Post Lunch we all were taken to the Soulflower store in the Inorbit Mall for a live session on "How to make a Soap". This was something I was really looking forward to in this meet and I swear, it didn't let me down. The demo was instructed and taken care by Natasha Tuli, Co-Founder, Soulflower. She made the "Pink for Skin" soap right in front of our eyes. That was the first time I have seen a soap "in making" and oh bowy, believe me... it was an amazing experience. Natasha has been making soaps since her teenage life and her passion was evident on her face when she made the soap during the demo. No preservatives, all natural ingredients and a beautiful aroma. Natasha was open to challenges and has taken up one of making a Soap of Bitter Gourd (Karela). I am just wondering, is it possible?

Natasha Tuli, Co-Founder, Soulflower India
"How to make a Soap" Live Demo!
The meet came to and end with this amazing goodie bag, Natasha gave to all the bloggers! :)

Soft and beautiful "Soulflower Girl" Bag (: <3 It took my heart in first sight! want to know what was inside? Have a look...

2 Aromatherapy Roll on in Feel Sexy & Energy Boost
Hazelnut & Jojoba coldpressed oils
Soaps: Orange Carrot Detox & Everskin Lavender
You see that Rose? that's my fav.! (welcome Goodie Bag)
Bathing Scrub
Pretty Candle 
(welcome Goodie Bag)
Pamphlets of their product details

More pictures...

All is well that ends well :)
The afternoon was amazing and I am going to cherish it all my life!

Fellow Bloggers
Me with Swati from FoodFashionFunn

Thank you Soulflower India and Purplle.com for this amazing and refreshing experience :)

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Hope you all liked this post! <3
Do check out Purplle.com and Soulflower India



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