15 December 2012

The Christmas Month (: Smiles and Surprises

A weekend actually feels good. I mean when you in college you hardly have a weekend, but when you are working you have it! That is the ONLY perk of working, gosh! I am 2 weeks into internship and saying this, haha :D

So one of my favorite month is here; December - I Love it! The winter (so-called-winter of Mumbai), colorful sweaters, jackets and cozy nights in quilts <3 Everybody loves it, right?

I have back-2-back three surprises for all of you on my blog this month. One is already LIVE on Faceboo, Check Surprise No.1 :)

I also love December for the Christmas and New Year. I don't celebrate Christmas but putting up a Xmas tree always fascinates me. The color Green, Red, stories of Santa Claus, Putting up stockings, getting gifts and yummy cakes and candies <3 Everybody loves Christmas, isn't it? :D

Few more days to go. I am already in the mood!
Say with me; Ho! Ho! Ho!

Surprise No.2 -- Will be LIVE tonight! :D
Love <3