20 December 2012

Tips and Tricks to survive Doomsday

Few hours to go. Here goes my tricks and tips to survive this very- much-awaited doomsday (people have literally spent this whole month just talking about this);
Read on..

1. Start digging a tunnel as soon as you are home from your work or college.

Tunnel would be great in case you need to stay unhurt for days.

2. Marry a Cruise owner, overnight. If you are in Goa or Mumbai this would be easy.

Start your journey to the Cape of Good Hope as soon as the marriage ceremony is over. Make it fast.

3. See if you can reach a secret hideout and stay there until the next life age starts. Keep loads of food in stock, a laptop with the movie ice-age loaded. May be handy?


4. Get an R1. Spend all your life's wealth on petrol and keep going. One day you will reach the safe place. Be a little fast or that Hayabusa guy will overtake you.

5. Ask Christian Grey for his Tango Charlie (with him) and fly out. [Ref. 50 shades of Grey]

6. Kingfisher is in budget now, buy one? On loan would be great! May be Mallya gives you a lamborghini free. Jeez! :D

7. Get a big pack of Kurkure, 2ltr bottle of mountain dew - darr ke aage jeet hai? ;) Sit and watch Titanic with your family and friends. The people on board will come back for you. Remember?


Doomsday is not gonna happen, atleast not tomorrow. I know you all will be safe and reading my blog on Saturday  Since you are gonna survive do not kill me for this stupid post.

Have a great Doomsday people! ;)
See you on the 22nd :D

Love <3


Katarzyna S. said...

Świetnie tutaj masz !! :))



Megha Shrimali said...

Hi :)
Sure I will check out!
Thank you

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Megha Shrimali said...

Thank You dear :)