02 March 2012

Forever with YOU...

Soldiers... they never fall weak, never fear to shed their blood 'coz all that matters to them is
 their Motherland! But, every soldier is someone's love too...
Someone who, back home waits for his letters, for a word of love and for him to come back home soon...

Here's a  letter to his love back home... from somewhere in the war zone,
hoping he will be back home... forever with her, soon!

Forever with YOU <3
Distance doesn't matter
When the hearts are connected.
You were never far from me
Unless I went distant.

I carry my home in my heart
writing this letter being so far apart.
Everyone here is willing to go home
but the town is struck with deep warn thorn!

I have no news from where you are
Rumors, gossips, are far from where we are.
Yet the words still reach to me
Like silent tears come thinking of You and Me...

Women are all alone
and the children are crying.
Men are standing barefoot
in the snowy water all night.

TV and Radio are all smashed hard
With bare hands they are tearing the houses apart!

But I promise there will be peace
and my dream will be fulfilled.
Hope that day is near soon
When I will be there forever with YOU...


Gaurav.Prabhu said...
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Gaurav.Prabhu said...

Heart touching Megha...... m ur fan now <3 ur emotions are so TRUE

Megha said...
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Megha said...

Thank You so very Much Gaurav :) <3
Stay in touch!