07 March 2012

Rang Barse!

Holi hai bhai, Holi hai!
The weather is exciting, making everybody and everything lively, inducing a merry making element.
Get set to paint yourselves in the colours of Joy! The festival of colours is round the corner.
             Holi is celebrated with great fanfare in all the parts of our country. It bids adieu to winter and heralds spring. The festival brings in unadulterated Joy. Amidst teasing and laughing we forget who we are, where we belong to and mix with all in the riots of colours.

Dunking friends in mud pool, throwing water balloons on passer-by’s, smell of delicious food, multi- coloured beings’ walking on the road… marks Holi!

Many mythological stories are associated with this festival, the famous one being of King Hiranyakashyapa and his son Prahalad, marking the victory of good over evil.

A festival that has always inspired evergreen Bollywood songs like- ‘Rang barse’, ‘Holi ke din’,
‘Holi khele Raghuveera’, is here… Get ready to colour  your life with endless Happiness!

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi!
Rang Barse!


Gaurav.Prabhu said...

Awsm post I say :-) I love ur writing momo <3 :-*

Megha said...

Thank a lot gogo! ^_^ :*

Stuti said...

vry well written.. wid ds i remember, time to eat gunjiya :) :P

Megha said...

@Stuti.. Thanks a lot :)
Send me a 'few' too :D
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