18 March 2012

Gift it with VOUCHERSMATE :)

(contest entry for http://cupidspeaks.com/)

...and I say Wow! The Website holds you on a first look with its colours and cartoon-ic representation! VOUCHERSMATE is CooL B-)
         So, It is better to Give then to Receive!
Be it Happiness, 
L<3ve , Affection, Hug, and here, a GIFT!
The Website lets you send beautiful Greeting Cards and the "Right  GIFT " to give your Loved Ones'. VOUCHERSMATE has everything to make your Everyday a Yay-Yay Day!

You can surf through 'categories (s) (s)' [yah! actually there are many] ;) amm.. for your Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Girl, Son, Daughter, Loved One... yes, for anyone and everybody you want to make Happy! :) phew!

There is so much to choose from, that you would actually L<3vvve to GIFT !
Various cards to reach your Special Ones' anywhere and at anytime! You can order a book, a day out at Spa for your Mother, A fashion Treat for your Wife, Yum-mie Pizzas, etc. sitting at your office desk...!
Visit http://www.vouchersmate.com/ and Experience the Feeling of  GIFT-ing!
Oh! I remember my Best Friend's birthday is coming real soon! I am going to select a  GIFT for her on http://www.vouchersmate.com !

See you there, too? :)
Today is a 'Present'... Present it with a VOUCHERSMATE GIFT to the one you  L<3ve !
So whose day are you making a
Yay-Yay Day? :D

P.S: Want to droool over Pizzzas? Check out: 
http://cupidspeaks.com/  for Pizzas and more fun!


vouchersmate team said...

hey it is vouchersmate. one word! :)

Megha said...

Hey, Vouchersmate Team
Thanks for dropping by. Correction made :)