21 March 2012

For what you are (Book Review)

Book by Sneha Gupta; For what you are

Read this book and you will not sigh on reading another love story. You will have a few laughts, a few tears and will love to read through. This book is a debut by Sneha Gupta. Sneha, who fantasised writing since childhood has written this romantic comedy.
This book has friends, peer pressure, love, fights, the typical Indian mom finding a rich guy and what not. It is like a typical Bollywood saga with all the twists and turns. Every second minutes something happens which keeps you hooked to reading it. There is nothing that you will hate about the book. It’s a simple story that you are bound to like.
The story is for you to read but I will say what is identical in the story with real life and the reel life. This story has a mom who has a daughter and like every Indian middleclass mother, the only tension of her life is her wedding. She is running after her to get married to a super rich guy she finds.
The mother is doing everything possible to hook up her daughter Snigdha, with the rich guy, Atul. Funny and intense read waiting to be read in the book. There is a lot more apart from this angle but this is how I relate the book to a traditional Indian woman. Read the book and find out what you like about it.

About the Author: Sneha Gupta
Sneha Gupta works with the State Bank of India. She is a graduate from B.R.A. Bihar University, Centre for distance education. Passionate about writing she started her journey at the young age of eighteen. She is a versatile writer; her writings reflect freshness in every aspect be it poems, ghazals, short stories and her book. She has a keen interest in fine arts and photography. She is a dreamer, who pens down her thoughts. She is a small town girl from Lalganj in the District of Vaishali of the state Bihar. A girl with simple living and high thinking, who wants to spend her leisure time all alone. Her two best friends notebook and pen always gives her good company.
(About the author via www.cupidspeaks.com )


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