11 May 2013

Go Goa Gone Movie Review

Me and my friends went for this film yesterday (1st day!) and here's what my Filmmaker,Photographer friend has to say about it:

"Who calls this film a low budget film? I seriously want to know who does, because if you talk about creativity and talent of making film by first timers this is some priceless stuff. For the youth of India it is a joy ride blended with an amazing concept of zombies. The way each and every dialogue is written with a proper use of inversion theory and precise use of shots for each part keeps the audience engaged even in the slowest parts of the film. Talking about acting- each and every actor, be it the weirdest zombie to the Delhite Russian Mafia - Saif Ali Khan; all have maintained the consistency of the character given and played. GPReels recommends Goa Goa Gone to all our followers its a fun zombiestic ride which you'l never forget. Go Keel some dead people!" 

Well, what's written above is true and here goes what I have to say about this ZomCom:
"There is much more to Go Goa Gone than me smoking a cigar"; said Saif Ali Khan on his twitter account. 
I agree, totally. The movie is wacky, laid out perfectly in a mix of witty dialogues, great acting and good location. The plot may keep you off track in the later half of the movie (sometimes) but the dialogues, punch lines, acting, this whole idea of people turning into zombies and Hardik(Kunal Kemmu), Luv(Vir Das), Bunny (Tiwari), Luna (Pooja Gupta) facing them with the help of Boris (Saif Ali Khan) ad Nicholi will keep you on your seat not wanting to miss any scene. The dialogues will haunt you (fun way) again and again. I narrated the movie to my sis yesterday and I am ready to be dragged by her for a second watch! :D

By the way guys, if you have seen the movie too, write a review and post in on Go Goa Gone's FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/GoGoaGone/app_203351739677351 and you can win goodies!!

Go, watch the film and keel some dead people! ;)


Shreya said...

I absolutely lovedd the film!It was so hilarious and refreshing from the regular bolly masala!