19 May 2013

FabAlley - Style the Celeb Contest :)

All of you must be aware of FabAlley right? If not, then look up for them here: http://www.faballey.com/aboutus.aspx

They have this contest going on where you have style your favorite celeb among the choices given and the best styling wins a shopping spree with them for 2500 INR. Personally, I really like FabAlley and couldn't really miss this chance to style a celeb at least online if not offline :P

I chose Anushka Sharma wearing a Boho Maxi Skirt in this photograph. Here's how I would style her with FabAlley

Going with her Summer and Boho look, I have chosen light accessories and shoes for her (as seen in the pic).

1. Cross Charms Armband : http://www.faballey.com/cross-charms-armband_27
This Armband is stylish and goes with her Boho Maxi skirt, giving a little funky look. I haven't given her any bangle or bracelet to wear as this armband is just what she needs here.

Looking at her simple yet fresh look, a heavy necklace won't do any justice. So I have chosen a wrap necklace.

3. Black Gilt Tipped Shoulder Bag : http://www.faballey.com/black-gilt-tipped-shoulder-bag_2
Adding to her carefree look, a shoulder bag would go just fine. The bag not just looks sophisticated and uptown but also goes with her top which is plain black.

4. Valeria Gladiator Sandals : http://www.faballey.com/valeria_gladiator_sandals
Perfect for a Bold yet Casual look!

5. Gold Chains Earcuff Hair Slide : http://www.faballey.com/gold-chains-earcuff-hair-slide_32
No heavy danglers or any other earring but this Earcuff hair slide which acts as a Hair accessory as well as an earring with those studs on top of ear. Simple yet attractive!

All set to reign this summer :) Do let me know in the comments whether the styling has gone right or wrong, too bad or good? :D

You can participate in the contest too. TODAY (19th May 2013) is the last date! Contest details here: http://www.faballey.com/blog/index.php/faballeys-style-a-celeb-contest

Love <3