19 May 2013

Thank You for making me your daughter...

'I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with Parentous.com'

Ma, Thank You for making me your daughter...

24/07/1991, I came in this world knowing nothing, lying and crying beside a lady who looked at me with grace and a smile... A smile which still lights my day...
That smile is still there and that's where it should be.

After a few years, I started calling that lady - Mumma... It felt good, it feels better now, much-much better. When she would take me in her arms, felt like a world to me - a comfort nothing can replace on this earth; not even heaven. 

I don't know why but Mumma thinks I am more close to Papa. May be, may be not. May be I love them equally. Oh, I don't know! But she doesn't know that - She, is my life. Someone who has taught me to give love and respect. She has always been that strong willed lady but very soft at heart.. I don't know how she gathers so much courage and force to guide our family through all the ups and downs'...

I won't be wrong in saying that there exists no language which holds the words to express the love, affection, beauty and strength of mother's love. True, right?

I remember the next morning of my birthday few years back when only 4 pieces of cake were left for a family of 5 and she promptly announced - I had one piece extra last night so you all eat this. Strange, how she does it. This is just a peanut example of the sacrifices she has done for us.

If mom scolds one day, she loves on the other; most of the time this happens together. Even though I look a lot like my Mumma I can never match what she has done and keep doing for us.

She has always motivated me to write, be socially active and pursue my dreams. She loves to see me blog or getting acknowledged for some work; I feel the same when she does. 

2 years back when I took her for a Women's Day special cookery competition in our city; she was beaming with grace. The next day when her photograph came in the city newspaper - I was beaming with the feeling of Proud. Yes, I felt proud. I loved that she was happy...happy for something she loves doing.

I have always admired her courage, dedication and positivity in life. She is NOT just a mother, a housewife or a wife but a teacher, a guide, a lover, a best friend and
a blessing which god has bestowed on me.

She has created a future for me and I will for her, the best I can do is fulfill all her dreams and give all the happiness she deserves...

Love You, Ma...I'll always do.