18 April 2013

I want a magical wand

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. 
~Irish Proverb

Well that's what I have been doing since more than a fortnight now. I hate it when I get sick (who doesn't?) I am back to blogging after a long time now. Was away and then got sick (Still on bed rest). There are so many things I have to blog about but then my Mom won't let me sit for more than 30 minutes (Heartbreaking).

Someone should lend me a Magical wand if they have got one. I would just sway it in air and make myself healthy again. 
This wand looks pretty, anyone? :D

I miss FOOD. You know what I mean right? The Food, Food. Not the Food my mom is giving me these days :| To add, my love for Summer is also flying away day by day. What is Summer to me? the Florals, scarfs, Denim Shorts, Neon and Pastel Colors, Ice cream, Ice Gola, Water Splash, etc. But this Summer; I am trapped inside my home in my ugly Pajamas, eating "Healthy" food with occasional TV and social networking (online). This is sick! Someone make me super healthy really fast?

I also have my Convocation Ceremony next week. Got this beautiful dress from InLoveWithFashion :) Will try and do an outfit post if I am able to make it to the ceremony! *touchwood* :|

How's it? :D
It has got the *lace* (wanted it since long!)
You can buy this or any other from their gorgeous collection too <3

My friend is gonna get me matching Pumps from Vero Moda or may be I will wear the Navy Blue wedges I got from Catwalk Shoes recently :D Excited!

By the way, there is one good thing about me being at home and doing nothing :P I can do my art-craft stuff. Left it long back bcz of no time but now I can do something. Will share with you all :) 

Its 30 minutes of me sitting on Laptop, mom would kill me so I better go! :P I will be back this weekend with a "Summer" post and a beautiful giveaway for all of you!
Till then, Sip Cold H2O and be safe this Summer!
Tada ;)