24 April 2013

He's the one...

Often comes a time in Life when you want to get lost. Lost in the wilderness of this earth... Lost in the beauty of nature... Lost in someone's arms and sometimes Lost WITH someone. That time you somehow know, He's the one...

You do all the silly things in the world. Dedicating him messages on Facebook, tweeting about how much you love someone; somehow indicating him that you feel he's the one for you... But, does he know?

Then one day you have fight with him. You say sorry and you apologise. But what if you have hurt him real bad? what if a Sorry wouldn't do? But of course you have to make him feel better - because he is your WORLD...

Seen all the superhero flicks but your hero is only HIM? May be then you know he is the one for you... He is your Batman, your Iron Man and even your Superman (it doesn't matter if he doesn't wear his pants inside out ;) ) really!

You apologise again and then you meet. He gives you that perfect Hug inspite of being mad at you and somehow you can't stop your tears and he calls you a whiny baby but still you know why you crying and how much that hug means to you after a fight.

Because You Love Him and he Loves you too... and you know he's the one for you.

and then you keep thinking about the times you have spent with him... Eating that cup full of Mayonnaise and loving Maggi all the more just because you once made for him. Slowly falling in love after friendship and still continuing with stupid fights... Long talks? not necessary :P

There's TRUST, there's UNDERSTANDING when you know He's the one. Jealousy? Of course it stays, but it doesn't mean Trust takes a back seat. You are into him when you He's the one. don't you?

It doesn't matter what life you lived before because now, everything seems perfect with him. Even with all those fights, stupid talks and the kicks - you know where you belong and everything seems all-right with just one look. When you know - no one can replace HIM <3
You think of HIM more... He doesn't have to cross your mind because he doesn't even leaves it. Sometimes you may not show, but you need to show. By not just words but by doing it. Letting him know how special he is...
If he is that friend you found in your love, he's the one... <3

If you can associate with UP (the movie) every time you watch it, then he's the one... making dreams together? :D 

Can't say? Good. Do it. Hug is the best way. If you know what I mean and If you know he's the one...
and yes, if he gets you the Cindrealls Shoes or be it any shoes...even if he stands near Vero Moda or Tresmode or Steve Madden or Catwalk with you... he's the one. <3

It rains and you have him, smiling with you? Dance and enjoy as it pours... you may never get that beautiful time back... Don't forget to tell him - He's the one <3

Believe, you are the perfect two <3 and if you still fighting, listen to this song together! :)
(How much I love this song!!!)