19 December 2016

Diary writing is LOVE, and you should do it too!

Often, certain things in life take you back in time. I remember writing diary on a regular basis during my school days. Good, bad, ugly or best - every moment of my life was in it. Slowly, the practise died. Got into college, assignments, time with friends overpowered life. 

Sunday morning, I thought of them again. Looked for my collection of diaries and journals. All empty. Over the last 5-6 years, I have just collected them. Never written in them. May be I should start again, and you should too! Here's a glimpse.

There are more than many reasons one should start keeping a diary, some of them being:

1. It's a major throwback: You take photos to keep memories, diary does that for you too, in a more personal manner.

2. It is a therapy on bad ways: Take it from someone who used to write and keep a diary for 6 straight years, putting down your feelings make one feel much better and think more clearly.

3. It helps you improve your writing style: One learns to write better with practise. Keep practising :)

4. Check!
Have a long wishlist or or even a small to-do list for the day? Write it down. Writing a diary helps one accomplish it better! Write and check it off your list often, it is sure to give you a sense of relief.

5. Personal Development: You learn! Every time you write and read, you become better. You learn how you were 5 years ago and determine to be better.

Try, it works!

Here's to a wonderful 2017 :)