31 May 2015

Product Review: Garnier Neem Tulsi Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash

Hi everyone! I am back to blogging after a small brreaak (I take too many of those!). What we have with us today is the cure to what we girls deal with, every single day – Acnes, Pimples, Blackheads, skin problems. 

Introducing the Garnier Neem Tulsi Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash! I know, the name is quite long, but what this product has to offer is really good.

We all know how beneficial Tulsi and Neem are to not just our skin but to our overall body health. And this product, gives you exactly that, a combination of the best duo in town to cure your skin problems. 

Neem and tulsi always works wonder for pimple prone skin, because Neem has an anti-bacterial power and Tulsi? It cleanses your body.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this product:

This Garnier Neem Tulsi Pure Active High Foaming Face Wash is made for daily use (twice every day). If you have pimples, blackheads or acne prone skin, then this product is something that might just work wonders to your skin.

Traditionally, Neem is known to cleanse skin, heal pimples and acne and this product claims to reduce 99.9% of all your skin germs.

Price of the product: Rs 60/- for 50 ml

Shelf life: 36 months

Neem proves to be a miracle for people with problematic skin. Thanks to its anti- fungal and anti- bacterial properties, it is a boon for people with sensitive or oily, acne prone skin. It clears Acne, prevents recurrence of blackheads, treats skin infection, prevents Acne breakouts, clears Skin and adds glow to the skin.

When it comes to Tulsi, because of its purifying and antiseptic qualities, it is also beneficial for skin. It helps to fight pimples, acne and eczema. A toner made by boiling Tulsi leaves can be applied on pimples. This not only eliminates pimple but also smooth outs the skin, leaving a radiant glow on face.

What the product promises:

It contains the goodness of 2 natural ingredients : Neem and Tulsi. High Foaming Face Wash that fights Oil and Removes 99.9% Pimple Germs*. Gentle formula for daily use.

My experience:

The face wash comes in a transparent flip flop cover bottle with sturdy packaging which makes it easy for one to carry while traveling.

The product smells exactly like its core ingredients – Neem and Tulsi.

I used the product for 7 days and realised that a peanut size is enough for application on your face.

It has a little runny consistency, takes a little time to create foam and sticks to your skin. You might need to take a min or two extra to clean it properly off your skin.

Face feels clean and fresh after the use. I have a normal to oily skin and this product does make my skin feel ‘open’ and a little on the dry side, which is actually a benefit!

Since my skin is prone to acne and breakouts, definitely going to use this product every day and get rid of all the germs. 

  • Affordable
  • Good packaging, taking it wherever am going
  • Core ingredients are really good: Tulsi and Neem
  • Good for oily skin
  • Removes excess oil and dirt off your skin
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Not meant for dry skin
  • Makes my skin feel a little sticky before washing the face
The product is going to hit the markets, in June! Make sure you try it once.

Until then,
Keep the wanderlust on!