26 June 2015

#JustIn: Fair & Lovely BB Cream

I don't have a makeup routine, nor do I spend hours going through a catalogue looking for the makeup right for my skin. Few days back, Fair & Lovely called us bloggers for an afternoon celebrating beauty. As the day culminated after a series of fun activities & conversations with fellow bloggers - the team took us through the beginning of Fair & Lovely's BB Cream's Journey.

If you’re still using the same creamy, medium coverage foundation you swore by all spring, it’s time to lighten up. After so many BB creams in the Indian market now a days, It is time you pick the right one for your skin.  

Fair & Lovely BB cream is actually a dual purpose product as this has the goodness of vitamin infused fairness cream and a slight touch of coverage making the skin looks better than before. So, is Fair & Lovely BB cream a hit or miss? Read on... 

Price: Rs.79 for 18g Available


The new Fair & Lovely BB Cream comes in a rose gold outer packaging & comes in a handy tube that is easy to carry around. Win win for me!

Coming on to the review, the best part about the Fair & Lovely BB cream is that it has been specifically made for the Indian skin tone and the shade suits everyone. 

  • Lightweight and absorbs easily. 
  • With BB creams, I have always found that they leave a patch on my skin - this one - doesn't! 
  • I travel almost 3-4 hours everyday and the fact that this cream lasts for about 2-3 hours on my skin, which is okay.
Have an oily skin? Its claim of having a matte effect might be the best thing for you! What's more? The cream has SPF 15, which provides you sun protection for adequate hours. 

In case you have a sensitive skin, please avoid.

This is how it works


If you are in Mumbai, it can definitely withstand the humidity. Try once! :)

Coming on to my unique look with this? Has got to be what I sported that day at the event!

  • A fresh and flirtatious casual look for summer as well as Monsoon! 
  • Go minimal.
  • Wear what is comfortable - just like the Fair & Lovely BB cream which is not just light on your skin but gels with it.
  • Go for accessories - colorful ones' which uplifts your look in this gloomy weather.
  • Stay safe! 

Totally forgot to tell you, I won the Best Eyes at the event and that beautiful Tiara, Yay!

I’m reviewing Fair & Lovely BB Cream and creating a unique look with it.