05 March 2015

The Ultimate Cricketing Holiday!

Things we do for the love of Cricket! From waking up at ungodly hours to distributing sweets when our country wins the cup, we have done it all.

Cricket is one sport we Indians are truly passionate about. Over the years, my love for this sport has grown and the passion lives on. And it’s not just Cricket which makes my heart beat but the love to explore places Cricket is associated with. What do you think of this combination? Unbeatable right?

Why not talk about some of the best cricket travel destinations around you? And since, the world cup battle is happening in Australia, why not start from that?

One cannot talk about Cricket without Melbourne. One of the most important tourist attraction in Australia, MCG is one of the greatest cricketing grounds in the world. Built in 1853, it is home to the first test match ever played in the cricket world in the year 1877 between Australia and England. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Known to be the most populous city in Australia, Melbourne is referred to as the cultural capital of Australia. Frequent contender of the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne is known for its culture, coffee, colours and contrast.

Another attraction in Australia is Sydney. And with Sydney comes the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground. The city of the Opera House and Harbour, where one cannot miss to watch sunset aboard a luxury yacht sipping champagne and enjoying a delightful meal. 

Sydney Cricket Ground

90 minutes away from Sydney is the Blue Mountains, known for a beautiful overnight stay midst the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls and the Scenic Skywalk. SCG’s vision is, “To celebrate sport, create history, enhance entertainment and share the experience”, and trust me, an experience which one cannot resist sharing.

I won’t do justice to this article if Lord’s is not talked about. Call it a pilgrimage for us cricket lovers, in London, touted to be the home of cricket, Lord’s was established in 1814. It is not Rocket science to tell you all that London is one of the most famous tourist attraction across the globe, and cricket is a part of the city since ages. 

Lord's, London

Tell me one cricket lover who wouldn’t remember watching Saurav Ganguly twirling his jersey at Lord’s. If you visit London, do not miss out on Lord’s at any cost!

Coming onto India, you haven’t really watched a cricket match if you haven’t watched it in an Indian stadium. The cheer, the passion, the atmosphere, the claps, enthral, is to die for! Something which no other stadium in the world can match upto. There’s Eden Gardens (Kolkata) & Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) in India worth visiting and watching a match in. 

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Eden Gardens, Kolkata

A treasure of cricket history, if one is all about Dada, Saurav Ganguly, the other is about little Master, Sachin Tendulkar. And who would debate if I say, “India is the place to visit, no matter what time of the year, for its diverse culture, tradition and breathtaking destinations.”

Few days back we saw a match, neck-to-neck performances between two top teams in this World Cup. I am talking about the match between Australia and New Zealand where the latter won by 1 wicket! Quite an interesting face-off I would say. The match took place in an equally interesting destination called Auckland. Venue – Eden Park, Auckland is known for the Sky tower, which offers an unbelievable 360-degree view of the whole city. 

Eden Park, Auckland
Auckland is the most populous area in New Zealand, another destination this World Cup. Another must-visit, is the Auckland Bridge Climb, over the Auckland Harbour Bridge on custom-engineered walkways that provide a safe but exhilarating experience. What’s more? If you are interested in Volcanoes, visit the One Tree Hill. Set amongst the green slopes of Cornwall Park, it is one of Auckland’s largest and most culturally significant volcanoes in Auckland.

I simply cannot finish this article without mentioning the cricket destination which is as beautiful as the sport itself. Watching cricket in legendary stadiums like Newlands and the Wanderers (there’s wanderlust in the name itself!), sight-seeing awaits you with Cape Peninsula and Table Mountain, Wonderful Safaris and beautiful gardens.  South Africa is a definite in my ‘bucket list’ destination! One cannot simply forget the 2003 finals, am I right or am I right?

Before I see off you all, why don't you tell me your favorite cricket holiday destinations across the globe?

Till then,
Have a superb WC15 time,
Wanderlust Girl

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