14 October 2014

The Great Inorbit Hunt Contest

Over 1 million impressions and mentions over 730,000 people

Inorbit Malls’ ‘Inorbit In App’ launched on AppStore and Google Play has now been downloaded by over 1000 brand fans within few hours on the day of contest across India courtesy recently concluded and first ever brand fan contest ‘The Great Inorbit Hunt Contest’.

Mr. Puneet Varma, General Manager – Marketing, Inorbit Malls said, “The response to The Great Inorbit Hunt Contest has been overwhelming and phenomenal. We received over one million impressions, 2,200 retweets,168 tweets made by us which received 483 RT’s . However the ‘retweets reach’ was more than 365,000 since our fans were tagging us and using the campaign hashtag to announce the contest. This could not have been possible without our fans on both Twitter and Facebook. We are grateful to all our fans that actively promoted and encouraged all their friends and followers to participate and win in this contest. This is the first time ever a brand used a fan’s tweet to announce a contest on a social media platform. It has been a great success for us and we look forward to create more such million experiences for our fans both online and offline.

Launched across its Facebook and Twitter pages, the contest promoted and viral-led by Inorbit brand fans kick started with current brand fans encouraging new fans to download Inorbit In App and favourite their mall thereby getting a chance to win gift vouchers worth Rs. 25,000/-.

For the first time ever a brand contest was announced by its brand fans on twitter. The contest was launched with the fans tweeting live about the contest, tagging @inorbitmall using the creative shared with them and encouraging their followers to participate and win. The first tweet announcing the contest got an encouraging response with over 2,200 retweets. Within few hours, over 1000 Inorbit In App was downloaded and app pictures posted, 170 new followers started following @inorbitmall twitter page and over 114 fans registered for the contest. The mentions reached over 730,000 people and the collective reach of mentions and retweets was over 1 million.

The pre-production involved a complete analysis of @Inorbitmall followers by location, reaching to select followers through ‘Direct Message’. 5300 twitter followers were manually analysed for tweet quality, follower count, Inorbit brand affinity & influence. Previous contest winners were marked as ‘high affinity’ individuals.

All the participants had to do on downloading Inorbit In App was to favourite their mall and get a chance to participate in the contest through Shake & Win feature. On using the feature, the participants were led to the Facebook App Link which they had to like to get the first hint and then proceed to favourite a particular store, go to Shake & Win to see the second hint. The final step included linking to a webpage where the contestant was asked to fill details like name, email, number, city, on submitting the details, the participants were led to questions which had to be answered by them. On successfully completing the contest, participants uploaded pictures and shared their entire experience on Inorbit facebook page and twitter handle.