27 October 2014

Health is the greatest gift!

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Dig deep into this thought and you will realize that no matter what you eat, it affects your health; be it positively or negatively. Helping your child build an healthy lifestyle brings lifelong benefits and that's what I have learnt over the years at home. Children depend on parents for their health and wellbeing and hence it becomes necessary for the parents to take care of the same.

Healthy Children signifies healthy home.  Their smile and energy fills our homes and hearts. When this smile falls sick, the effect is seen throughout the house. The house feels gloomy and devoid of any activity to uplift mood. This always happens when my little brother, sister or I get sick. Mother gets frantic, father is busy making rounds of doctor, there's chaos and the atmosphere at home is no less than a rotten vegetable. Who likes it? Nobody.

One needs to help their child develop healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits, because the groundwork of all happiness is a healthy home and it starts from the children who are the source of that happiness.

There are a few rules in my house:

  • Parents make sure that we don’t skip breakfast ever. Isn’t that the most important meal of the day? A happy morning is subjected to what’s in your plate and hence NEVER skip breakfast.
  • Children are the source of happiness at home. Their happiness is often in sports, television and good food. Make sure they never compromise with the food and balanced diet. 
  • A fit body and mind is always chirpy.Meditate, indulge in yoga or exercise for at least 20 minutes a day and never cheat on your routine. 
  • If your health is not happy, it shows on your face and the atmosphere around. Work out and keep it happy.
  • Make sure you have 2-3 servings of fruits and fresh veggies every day.The beauty sleep of 7-8 hours is mandatory.

My parents believe in one thought – ‘Without kids, tomorrow is not worth. They hold family’s future and hence their health is of utmost importance.’ What do you think?

A healthy scene at my house? Siblings fighting, my mother trying to be the moderator and father getting happily irritated with all the chaos. Healthy children implies healthy discussions at home. A healthy mind thinks the best and hence the conversations we indulge in with parents regarding career, relationships or even national issues are talked with utmost care.

Father always says, “One who cannot take care of him/herself, can accomplish nothing.” 

Hence, if you want to succeed in life, achieve your goals and keep family happy; health should come first. One should never keep health on back bench because it is not just you who suffers from illness but the whole family does. If you ain’t happy, they are not.
Stay healthy, keep smiling and spread happiness.

This post has been written as a part of 'A healthy child makes a healthy home' campaign by Dabur Chyawanprash on Indiblogger.