07 February 2014

Travelling in Mumbai Local

I have been travelling in Mumbai lifeline for the past 5 years. Its a hell of an experience. Its no less than a challenge to get into a fast 'crowded' local at dadar or kurla during peak hours. But, once you start travelling in Mumbai Locals you cannot stop loving them and living without them...

People say that one should walk with confidence and not look down, but when you are at stations like Dadar, Kurla, Andheri, Borivali, please look EVERYWHERE. There might be people coming from all sides.

Well, I am not much experienced with the General (Mens'/Family/Couples) compartment but of Women. If you just observe the nature of Mumbai Local for a day you'll understand a lot about the crowd.

Things I have learnt about Ladies Compartment

1) Book your seats before they are gone.

As soon as your body enters the compartment, start asking/booking place for you because if you don't ask you cannot sit. (This doesn't count for already empty seats.)

2) Get used to the slang.
Oh yes, I haven't seen this happening much even in the luggage compartment which is poorly populated all the time. The slang language used in the ladies dabba, is beyond imagination. You'll find an old aunty fighting with a college student often, mostly on the 'fact' that the younger generation is fool. Stay AWAY from such fights. They are a part and parcel of everyday. If not between them then anyother and this time for the 'seat booking'. So review point - 1; BOOK seats.

3) Take care of your neighbor.
Carry a small newspaper when you're travelling; buy a tabloid and save yourself from some early morning tension. The lady sitting next to you might not like the paper going all over her. Better, read in your smartphone. You definitely don't want to be in a fight for the next 1 hour before both of you reach the destination.

If you are sleepy & cannot handle your head wobbling around, go for head-down and not on your neighbor. It is irritating.

4) Love it or Hate it but you cannot ignore it.
There are train buddies. The one's who like to sit only with their buddies and have this last long seat occupied for themselves. and they sing. Yes. Mostly the black anf white era songs. As a matter of fact, I love that. There are people who don't plug in their own music and go for a nap. Easy.

5) Let it go.
If you are standing and have even an inch of 'empty' space ahead or side of you, please give it to the needy behind who is constantly elbowing or pushing you when Kurla or Dadar is approaching. Let them have all the happiness. Give it away and stay away from stress.

6) You cannot be Usain Bolt but learn to be a tortoise.
The bridges at stations mentioned before in this post are so crowded that even your ssshh ssh (oh yes, people do that) or Baju hata, Chala, all this won't help... but being a tortoise? definitely will!

But if you haven't experienced this, you haven't experienced the true Mumbai at all :)

My next post will talk about the best way to learn the 4 lines of Mumbai Locals.
Till then, keep travelling and sharing Mumbai Local stories with me :D


www.thefashionstirfry.com said...

I love culture and i hope to experience the Indian culture one day. Sounds like a fun and eye-opening experience. Thanks for sharing.


Ameena said...

great..awesome post..it is fun to travel in Mumbai locals..bt I hate to travel in ladies dabba..even if u touch thm a bit by mistake they will start quarrelling..

Megha Shrimali said...

Do experience! :)
Its a beautiful country no matter what.

Megha Shrimali said...

Thanks for the words Ameena :)
That's true! but there's the fun & the ultimate experience :D

Haliana said...

That is very nice to read this blog. You have used
skip bins in different way which looks very nice.
I like the most is planting flower bed in in bins.locals

Divya Gattani said...

Hahah.. !!!! That was super fun to read. I have been to Mumbai and yes I have travelled a lot in Mumbai Locals. Oh gosh !! At first I was so scared.. Lol. But then it was fun. I did a little shopping too on Locals.. Rofl ! :D

Great Post ! Indeed Super True !