07 February 2014

Gift a book to Aham Bhumika and spread cheers!

Aham Bhumika an NGO, is a group of like minded people based in Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh, India). The diverse group consists of artists, housewives, engineers, tourist guides, teachers and government employees. The group is striving for the betterment of the underprivileged in rural areas of India.

Their mission is to help the underprivileged children, destitute and orphans by involving generous people from the cities by collecting material discarded by them (clothes, bicycles, books, toys, newspapers etc.) for the underprivileged people. 

Currently, the group is planning to make library through the help of the people for rural children of a village namely Borda at the outskirts of Bhopal.

There are many people around us who have a lot of books at home, lying unused or often discarded by the children to be given to the local raddiwala. The organisation is trying to take up these books and make them available for the children of rural areas who are in need of them. One can send them books via courier and that does not really cost more. Many a times people refrain from monetary help but donating books s not just priceless but a great donation to the needy.
  • Aham Bhumika has children in the age group of 4 to 15 years. 
  • One can send books in Hindi and English. 
  • The books need to be on topics related to that of Children's interests. For example - story books, Art and craft books, various types of activities books, autobiographies, biographies, cartoon/coloring book, magazines and any other category of books or magazines that is of use for the children.

Once you send them the books, the name of people behind these donations will appear on their website and yes, let's not forget the blessings of young future of India. They also plan to put across pictures of the children once the library is installed so that you know the help reached the right place! From this campaign they intend to build a library which will benefit more than 120 underprivileged rural children.

If you want to donate them the books, please write to me on: shrimali.m24@gmail.com or directly reach to Aham Bhumika: ahambhumika@gmail.comThey are quite active on twitter too: https://twitter.com/Ahambhumika

 The address where the books are to be sent is 
Ahambhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha
65, Elegant Estate, (Sai Ganesh Mandir ) , Near Mother Teresa School,
 Kolar Road , Bhopal - 462042 (M.P.)

The best gift one can gift to anyone, is the gift of education.
Do it today :)

Feel free to write to me in case of any queries!
Help them spread the word on Facebook, twitter and other sites. If you're a blogger/columnist, please get in touch with them!


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