02 February 2014

Valentine's Day giveaway by Ital Veloce

*Giveaway has CLOSED and the winner has been announced.*
*Radika Sriram won this giveaway*

For all those who follow me on twitter and have read my review of Ital Veloce's body mists, they know how much I am digging on those fragrances. After a really long time I have found these subtle and lovely fragrances and want you'll to have them too. How? By entering this Valentine's Day contest!

Everybody wants to look their best on 14th Feb for the love of their life. Its an added advantage when you smell good too. After all, a girl is known for two things - her handwriting and her fragrance. But this contest is not just for the girls but for the guys too, to gift a perfect Body Mist fragrance to their lady. How? Keep calm and read on...

There will be 1 winner on my blog and 1 on twitter (the twitter contest will be held on wednesday. Keep an eye here - https://twitter.com/LeoAmore6)

What to win?
One of these Body Mist fragrances

What to do?
1. Like A Li'l of Everything on Facebook.
2. Like Ital Veloce on Facebook.
3. Follow A Li'l of Everything and Ital Veloce on twitter.
4. Tell me in comments; which fragrance among these 5 you love the most and why?
5. Go to my review here and comment what makes you like this product.
6. Tweet about this giveaway tagging @LeoAmore6 and @ItalVeloce

For extra entries:
6. Follow me on Instagram.
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One winner will be chosen basis the creativity of answering and entries followed! The winner to be announced on 14th February 2014! :)
1 winner on blog
1 winner on twitter (twitter contest on 5th February 2014)

Open ONLY to Indian residents.
For any queries; feel free to write to me on: shrimali.m24@gmail.com 
All the best <3

The winner of this giveaway is - Radika Sriram.


Radika Sriram said...

Hey Megha,

I am very curious to try on the Strawberry and Champagne variant of Ital Veloce. The reason why I want it is because I think Strawberries & Champagne are two things you can always picture in your head, when you think of a romantic date. Putting this spritz on will take me back in time and bring back memories of some fond moments. Also, what better flavor to have in this month of love isn't it ? :)

Radika Sriram said...

Also, following you on the following
Twitter: @Radika Sriram

GFC: Radhika Sriram/ radhika.sriram1988@gmail.com
FB: Radhika Sriram
Instagram: radika88

Cheers and best wishes for your fantastic blog!

Shruti Kapoor said...

Hi dear Megha,

I love the fragrance Lilac Vanilla because I find it a perfect combination. The magical aroma of Lilac and delicious fragrance of Vanilla makes it and the person wearing it so attractive that no one can keep away. Merely thinking of the fragrance makes one drool and enter the world of
mesmerizing aroma.

I like the Ital Veloce products mainly because
of three reasons:

1. They are natural; means they are safe;

2. As they contain Olive oil, they are good for
my skin too;

3. As I’m an avid animal lover, I appreciate the part that they are not being
tested on animals.

Followed both on Facebook

Followed both on twitter – My twitter handle is shrutikapoor4

Followed both via GFC – My id is shruti.dr8 (shruti.dr8@gmail.com)

Tweeted about the giveaway.

Shared on FB too tagging both the pages.

Followed GPReels on FB

Followed the given blog via GFC

Bidisha Banerjee said...

I love the fragrance of Strawberry Champagne because it seems to be a great combination. I love the smell of strawberry and champagne makes me fantasize of a party mood. Together, strawberry and champagne can form an excellent party atmosphere. So, this fragrance will definitely cheer up my mood and boost up my energy. It will help me stay fresh and rejuvenated at my work place.

This magical aroma is also perfect for this Valentine's day month as it will ooze romantic spirits in me. Strawberry and champagne are the two things which come to our mind when we think of a perfect romantic date. So, Strawberry Champagne is a must have for this season.

Followed all pages on Facebook. My Facebook Name : Bidisha Banerjee

Followed both on twitter. My twitter handle : @bidisha16

Commented on the review post.

Tweeted about the giveaway : https://twitter.com/bidisha16/status/430065724451586048

Followed on Instagram. Instagram username : @bidishabanerjee16

Followed both blogs via GFC. GFC Name : Bidisha

Facebook share link : https://www.facebook.com/Bidisha.Banerjee16/posts/662153530513525?stream_ref=10

My Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

Done all steps. Thanks for the lovely Giveaway. :)

sakshi said...

All the variants look so cool and summery!But the one that is constantly attracting me is the Strawberry Champagne one.I don't consume alcohol otherwise but would love to indulge spraying some on Valentine's Day!! Wanna win to feel the love of Ital Veloce on the skin all through the month!!
Following you on twitter as @starz_ahead
Following FB & GPReels too as Sakshi Dhyani
GFC: sakshidhyani@gmail.com
Don't have Instagram & Pinterest :(

Saachi Garg said...

hey! all these fragrances smell absolutely heavenly but my all time favourite amongst these is the lilac vanilla as it leaves a lingering scent and is very different to the fragrances which are commonly available in the market.. also lilac and vanilla are both quite awesome scents according to me..

Saachi Garg said...

done with all points 1 through 10 except following on instagram.. my phone doesn't support it !! :(

danceeatrepeat said...

kiwi melon cos i love kiwi zinggg

Nithi Nishipadma said...

All the mists from this Ital Veloce range looks so yummy, I feel like drinking it! But the one I have tried and totally mesmerized by the fragrance is that of Strawberry Champagne. I just love the fragrance of it, its so me. I love the fruity essence , mild smelling mists, that lingers on my mind and Strawberry Champagne is just perfect. Its fragrance instantly refreshes my body and mind, lifts my mood and brightens up my day. Its fragrance gives such a romantic feeling that's perfect for this Valentine's Day!!
I am yet to try out the other fragrances from Ital Veloce but this Strawberry Champagne is a must have for me.

My Facebook Name : Nishipadma Nithi (also following GauravPrabhuFilms/ GPReels)
My twitter handle : @nithiuma
My Instagram Name : nithinishipadma

I don't have GFC account, rest followed all the points :)

Divya Asha said...

First of all, I love those perfume bottles. The pretty cute appearance of these bottles itself tempts me a lot to try out these fragrances. Secondly, I love all those fragrances. I'm a big addict to these fruit fragrances. Ital veloce's perfumes have natural ingredients. That too, they have olive oil, which is very good for skin. I've never tried these perfumes. But your review tempts me a lot to try them.

Divya Asha said...

I love the Apple Cinnamon fragrance because I love apple. I'm very much addicted to the taste & fragrance of apple. But I've never tried out a fragrance in apple flavor. So I would love to try out this perfume.

Tweeted link: https://twitter.com/DivyaAsha/status/430587900434997248

Shared on FB: https://www.facebook.com/devi.priya.712/posts/583028835111703?stream_ref=10
Following you on GFC (Email: divyaasha.12@gmail.com)

Prachi Aggarwal said...

i would like to keep it short and simple.... the bottles look beautiful and i'm sure from your review that fragrances are spell bounding and would surely like to own one ... and win one ;) :D

Prachi Aggarwal said...

Strawberry + Champagne. What a lethal combo. Love them both. and in the season of love - what else would be a better choice to feel fresh and sexy. Review is making me tempt them even more. I'm already following you on twitter and that how i got to know about this giveaway. Your blog is amazing too. so i have subscribed to you and also i m following thru GFC - prachiagg@gmail.com. GFC name is Prachi. Hope to win. Fingers crossed ... Pick me :P ;)

Divya Gattani said...

Hey Megha ! Loved you blog and its design :) I am also a Food Blogger !!! Love being a blogger so I can relate more :D

My personal favorite is undoubtedly Strawberry & Champagne. Reason being Valentine's is coming and hopefully this year I am getting married. So nothing can beat Flirtatious & Enticing fragrance. This is a deadly combo and would love to try it !!!

Sweetness of Strawberry & Sparkling Champagne is like me & my love :)

Amazing review makes me try more ! :P

Hope to win !!!!

Thanks a ton :)

You can find me here ;)

My Facebook name : Divya Gattani
Twitter Handle : @divyaszaika
Instagram : divya_gattani
Email id : divya.gattani88@gmail.com
Pinterest : Divya Gattani

P.S : Followed all your steps above and following you on Instagram :)

SweetAnnu said...

I have the orange orchid one. and love the tangy fresh fragrance

Shamika C'kar Noronha said...

Hi Megha!
I guess I'm a lil late but will still try my best! :)
Well, my favourite mist is the one I'm currently using, 'strawberry champagne'. I love this note because it is sweet & lingers for hours. It is soft & can be used at bedtime too ;)
Since I love mists, I would be fortunate to win the other nots from you.
& what more? My hubby Loves them too! I get all the naughty attention ;)
Thanku for this lovely & sweet giveaway and stay blessed always! :)

Chiara L said...

FB sara haley
TWITTER @saraahaleyhaley
INSTAGRAM @saraahaley
BLOGLOVIN sara haley
PINTREST smilemma
GFC celi l
LINK https://twitter.com/SaraahaleyHaley/status/431379317881184257
i would like to have

thank you for the opportunity :D

Bhavani Sekar said...

I Would like the Apple Cinnamon Fragrance which is my type of mild fruity scent :) Though am a mild smell fan Apple Fragrance is my first preference :) the Bottle looks So tempting me too drink :P lolz :P :) because its made by nature products :) moreover its nt available in my area Si I would like to win these cuties through your giveaway :)

Bhavani sekar said...

Am a big Fan for perfumes :) wow this lovely pics tempting me to try. The Bottle Appearance looks so pretty and eye catching . Also i admired most is which is fully made up of natural ingredients also olive will nourishes our skin :) my Favorite is Apple cinnamon

Bhavani Sekar said...

GFC NAME: Bhavani Sekar
Mail ID: Poojadalu@gmail.com
FB NAME: Bhavani Sekar
FB Share: https://www.facebook.com/Bhavani.Seka/posts/241933839320488?stream_ref=10
Twitted ID: @Poojadalu
Twitted link: https://twitter.com/PoojaDalu/status/431389538452135936

dannifred said...

looks nice!

xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

Leya Elias said...

FB: Leya Elias
TWITTER: @leyaavi
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Leyaavi/status/431761774736445440
GFC: Leya

Fav Stuff:
I love this long and short Dress its Elegant and Sexy
And this is much needed thing in my cosmetic bag
Love this bag Classy and Cute

I know its too much to wish for But I cant Help it :D

Jenny Esplana said...

shared https://twitter.com/jesplana009/status/431773445232553984