10 January 2014


4 years ago...

There's something about memories. They take you to the time you never want to forget. Beautiful memories which build your present. 

Memories are the sweetest way of reminding you that things were and still have the potential to be better. Its Been a long while and I am in this flashback mode to my graduation days. 4 years ago when I started college, didn't have even the slightest of idea that the times I am living now will actually be the best of memories down the lane...from bunking lectures to go for movies or just roaming around in college, sitting in the college ground with your love, waiting for the lecturer to come & eventually leaving the class only to come back to get the attendance. 

The 3 years in college were the best phase of my life. They not just made me a better person but gave me the greatest gifts of life; friends. Some went different ways, some kept in touch and a few still warms my heart with their stupid faces. Probably they are reading this; will give that stupid smile and send me a text saying - Rotlu, ro mat! :P

I remember the dance during freshers when all were strangers but danced to welcome the life ahead, together :) I remember the farewell too. Such an irony. I remember the 1st college trip; when I made friends with the person who is now the most special and priceless person in my life. I remember the night stays, the Nescafe house & Maggie. I remember the early morning lectures when we would accuse faculty of making our lives hell. Oh, how much I would love to go back to those days. Those canteens and photo sessions, assignments and all- night studies for exams; I wish I could re-live those days. 

When they say this they say it right; "enjoy every moment of your life because every moment is soon to become a priceless memory."

This one's to all my friends & that special someone; I love you all <3