12 January 2014

Recharge your precious locks!

"Doesn't matter if they are twisted, locked, messy, braided, straight, curly or the way they want to be in; Hair are special!"

When your hair feels fab, that's when you call yourself picture perfect from head to toe. That's the truth with many of us and that's how we like it. No matter how bad a day is; its still not the worst until your hair is in place.

Think of a day when you've had your hair spa and compare it to the one when you haven't. The one with the hair spa will undoubtedly win the battle of Which is a more perfect day and why. There are so many reasons as to why you need to recharge your hair and ultimately have a recharged life and one of them is to not just feel good from within but outside too and that's necessary!

You need to recharge your hair because you don't want it to be smelly. 

Invest in a good fragrance shampoo and conditioner for your hair and shampoo at least twice a week to stay away from smelly hair due to sweat and pollution.

Recharge your hair to stay away from dandruff

Dandruff not only attracts more dust to settle in your hair but also results in acne on your face and a itchy scalp. Spend sometime in shampooing your hair with lukewarm water once a week. You can even apply lemon on your scalp 30 minutes before you wash your tresses.

Recharge your hair so that you can play with various hairstyles for every occasion

 Hairstyle is capable enough to make or break your day; especially when you are a girl. Dressing up is in our genes and having a perfect hairstyle adds to it. Be it a wedding or a page 3 party; an office conference or an outing with friends, its your hairstyle which has to be perfect more than even your dress. So give your hair a new leash of life; recharge them with different hairstyles!

Let go off your inhibitions. Be it short or long; give your hair a day out. Let it shine in the sunshine and bling in the moonlit sky. go for a long ride with your love or sky diving; recharge your life and set it on a happy hair mode... Feel good from head to toe and remove the phrase of "bad hair day" from your dictionary. It's time to recharge your precious locks with Sunsilk! :)

This post is a part of sunsilk's and Indiblogger's Recharge your Hair, Recharge your Life.


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