02 January 2014

Enamor launches their new campaign - "Fabulous, as I am"

Enamor, a brand which talks to the woman, a brand which has moved from Beautiful Inside to Transform Yourself platforms truly aiming to constantly answer the most intriguing question “what women want”

As a brand, Enamor endorses this mood uplifting, stylish, self assured and inspired attitude of the woman. The enthused playfulness with which we will propagate this brand philosophy will ensure that it resonates deeply with them. We've captured this brand philosophy in our inimitable, thought provoking phrase – “Fabulous, as I am”

You wake up every morning knowing you never need to change, why mess with perfection? Your quirks and eccentricities are what set you apart, cherish them. Your unique beauty inspires, pushes us to create lingerie that hugs your curves and embraces your flawlessness. So don’t ever forget, you are fabulous, just the way you are.

This is just not a phrase, the product line has been designed keeping in mind this brand philosophy which will make women feel truly Fabulous. Right from the Fabulously Glamorous collection to Fabulously Feminine range or the Fabulously Fashionable variety to the Fabulously Comfy array, there is something crafted for everyone.

Enamor - Product Range

  • Glitzies - Fabulously Glamorous

You’ve always enjoyed the finer things in life, so why stop now. Try out our exclusive collection of lingerie, tastefully crafted to suit your luxurious style. The meticulous fit ensures a rounded silhouette, while its premium lace, rich jacquards, intricate detailing and elegant necklines allow for a truly glamorous look.
Price point - 550-1400/-

  • Girlies - Fabulously Feminine

Indulge the little girl in you, the one that still longs for frills, flowers and lace. Pamper her with our elegantly feminine collection of lingerie in pretty pastels and prints. Sweetheart necklines, exquisite lace and smooth round silhouettes keep you feeling all women, all day long.
Price point - Rs.550 - 1200/-

  • Trendies - Fabulously Fashionable

You don’t follow trends you set them, because everything you wear has to be fabulous. We've created a range of truly stylish lingerie that gives you the freedom to experiment with a new style every day. With fashionable prints, textured fabrics, young and lively colors and trendy necklines, it is made to fit your every style perfectly.
Price point – Rs. 280-800/-

  • Dailies - Fabulously Comfy

Be comfy, be practical, be super active but most of all, always be fabulous. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and looks. That’s why we've created the perfect lingerie for your carefree style. It’s soft stretch fabric makes it comfortable and it’s smooth mold gives your breasts a natural shape. So go ahead, be fabulous – all day, every day.
Price Point – Rs.250 - 850 /-

Fashion Catalogue Link http://we.tl/GaZRdX15a0

Do write in comments if you love to buy Lingerie :) Ever shopped from Enamor?


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