02 October 2013

L’Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh Gel Foam [Review]

Instant Freshness – Combination to Oily Skin

It is made to thoroughly cleanse and purify combination and oily skin and after applying, skin feels soft and purified with an incredible sensation of freshness; says L’Oreal.

My Experience:
I have a combination to oily skin and prone to dust and breakouts. The face wash comes in a clear gel formula, a little greenish in colour with no beads or particles. 

I have been using it since a fortnight and take a little amount for each wash. The face wash is a gel formula which changes into foam when it comes in contact with water. It lathers softly on the skin and a really pleasant fragrance which I am in love with. It’s kind of a fruity smell and it lasts for a good time. Talking about the packaging, the sleek tube is in a light green colour with a flip-flop cap.

What makes it a win-win?
The other day my mother asked me how’s the new face wash and I said; it’s perfect! Yes it is, because it not just gives my skin a fresh feel but leaves a smooth and supple feel to it. My skin doesn’t feel harsh after use with no dirt.
  1. I am not a makeup person but if you do apply makeup regularly, this will be sufficient to remove it.
  2. For a girl who lives in a humid climate like that of Mumbai, the product is suitable. It is perfect for summers. I use it twice a day, once after reaching work and second after reaching home at night. The skin feels cool even in the humid summer.
  3. Since this cleanser lathers well, even a dime sized is more than enough to produce a good lather.
  4. It prevents and soothes breakouts and removes excess oil and sweat from the face.

  1. This face wash is not at all travel friendly. If you keep it upside down (cap down), the liquid oozes out profusely, too stubborn to go back inside. The nozzle is actually too big for a face wash. I keep it lying down instead of making it stand upside down.
  2. A little over priced for a 100ml tube.

However, this product is the one to go for in the hot and humid climate. If you are prone to pollution on a daily basis, go for it. After a really long time I have got a face wash which actually feels good on me, so I give it – 5/5! 

Do tell me if you use it after reading this review or have used it or are using it currently; would love to know your views :)
Love <3
*Unbiased and solely my views*