06 October 2013

Photo Blog [Guest post by Surbhi]

Guest Post by Surbhi Agarwal

Panchhee, Nadiyaa..pawan ke jhonke...
I was humming the song for hours and i noticed that it was 4 AM. I was n Tijara Ji (Rajasthan) A holy place where we came last night for darshan. 

I am blessed with two good or bad habits ;) Humming the songs and Passion for photography so when i was not able to sleep the whole night (it happens to me often at a new place) i was busy reading and humming.

It was an early day start for me, i couldn't stop myself from going out and get some eye treat shots from the camera. I was able to hear the rings of the temple and it was already a day start for them, so i left my family asleep, took an outing to the rooftop and captured some Panchhi moments -

Slowly the time passed and i saw the rising sun ... the sky was changing colours and soon everyone 
was awake which left my pigeon go..they took a flight to the sky while going high high and high..

and i was again humming the song while going back to my room - Koi sarhad na inhe roke...

Thank you Surbhi for this post :)
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Inez said...

Great review honey, I tried the cream version of this many years ago, xoxo.

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Megha Shrimali said...

Thanks Inez! That's really good, so did you like it?

Divya Gattani said...

Great Review dear !! Thanks for sharing all the Pros and Cons. Really helped :)