15 September 2013

Did you take your Pro-Green Oath? #ProGreenDay - an initiative by The Nature's Co.

Do your little bit of good where you are. It's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. - Desmond Tutu

15th of September every year is marked as the Pro-Green Day, The Nature's Co. overarching movement under which several Eco-friendly initiatives are executed. To start with, a recycling program called Eco barrel was instituted. This encouraged customers to return empty product containers in return for upto 10% discount on their next purchase minimizing The Nature’s Co.'s waste production. They also encourage customers to choose e-billing as a replacement for paper invoices in an effort to save paper. Distributing sapling and seeds and many more initiatives have been our small ways to create a bigger change. The Nature's Co. has tied up with several NGO's like Akanksha NGO, OASIS, Valaya Magic Foundation, Greenpeace, and many more for this.

Keeping the good spirit going, this year TNC does their bit by initiating the Pro Green Oath. These oaths are going to be distributed at all The Nature's Co. stores on the 15th of September . Each oath mentions a simple task as a way for the doer to do their bit for Mother Nature and humanity. These tasks will be very doable & simple things like watering a plant / tree in your vicinity or switching off all the lights and fans before you leave your room, which can be practiced in one's day to day routine. By the acceptance of this oath one will be vowing by the completion of the deed in full spirit. Once the good deed is done, the oath can be passed on to spread the cycle of good deeds and gives everyone a chance to participate.

To further boost the zeal, The Nature's Co. has arranged for hampers and gifts for the participants who create the longest Pro-Green Oath chain. Customers can also avail a 15% discount on Pro-Green Merchandise which is a special range launched by The Nature's Co. consisting of the very-cute Mini Garden, Neem Pencil and the Pro-Green Band.

Let's get into nitty gritty of what we have to do to make the longest chain possible! All the people in my chain will win amazing goodies from the TNC! Isn't it amazing? Its a contest among bloggers; if I win you ALL win! :D

So if you are #ProGreen all you have to do is -
1. Follow me on Twitter: @LeoAmore6
2. Follow TNC on Twitter: @Thenaturesco
3. RT my #ProGreenDay tweet (https://twitter.com/LeoAmore6/status/379179682425344001and tell me on twitter how you will do your bit to "Recycle paper and plastic bottles". You can use pictures for brownie points. Use Instagram if you want! :D
Don't forget to use the hashtag #ProGreenDay and tag both the handles mentioned above!

The contest is OPEN for all of you residing in India for the next 10 days! Get tweeting your oath to save the green and #win goodies worth 2500/- INR!! Wohoo :D

Thank you "The Nature's Co." for these awesome #ProGreenDay merchandise gifts :)

So let’s join hands and create a network of good deeds to help create social awareness and self awareness with a hope that it would be a permanent change in everyone's way of living.

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Anita Swain said...

This is such a great initiative! I'm ProGreen & do support the cause for the Environment.
Let's hope we create a 'network of good deeds to help create social awareness and self awareness with a hope that it would be a permanent change in everyone's way of living'.

Our World needs this! Thanks!

Megha Shrimali said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Anita! I too believe that such initiatives are necessary and here to stay if all hold hands together! :) One needs awareness at peak and 'doing' a lot more than that.