08 September 2013

Childhood - I am never gonna say goodbye [Guest Post]

Guest post

I think i represent any Indian who is living out there everywhere.
I live like them, I have same taste, nature, culture, the thought process and this is how I feel about me. A claimed you is me.

I remember telling my friend once -
"You are Me, I am you ...AS LONG AS WE ARE WE"

I just said it like that, in some conversation, later i thought about it that how beautiful is this vision. i loved it.

I always have felt that i have been so blessed that i have got such a nice upbringing and my childhood  was so fun filled. we were a tight family with so many siblings and friends. That made me feel the emotions and bond of relations. 

I always cherish my memories from childhood, it helps me stay grounded. How easy it was then, a new pencil-box was the only thing to wish for and a new game fight was the only reason to cry about. i will never talk to you again was 
something which lasted from 2 minutes and sharing cookies will make you friends with anyone easily.

So when i have a bunch of flowers which can spread the sweet fragrance in my life from the past i am sure to never say goodbye to it. One of those memory is related to swings and walks. I just love the idea of going on walks, i don't know how it sounds to others but seriously, it is something which keeps me healthy and it is my time off from everyone, everything around.

I use this time as a recreation session or  "Solitude time" when i am me. I will enjoy the rides of swings, will walk on the grass, on road , will listen to music and will give myself a treat of ice-cream if i am in bad mood or stressed.
I may listen to the kids in the park..talk to them about anything random.

So this is my small list of to do ;) 
which keeps me going...

And song for this post is a favorite from my songlist.
"I am never gonna say Goodbye" - by WESTLIFE.

Do let me know about something that you do or did and never wanna say goodbye to...

This is a guest post by an avid reader - Surbhi Agarwal :)


Surbhi said...

Thankyou :)

Shanaya said...

Awwhh ! she looks really pretty :D
xoxo <3


Cosmochics said...

Beautifully written! loved reading it! cute pics:)

Megha Shrimali said...

Indeed beautiful :) Written by Surbhi.

Cosmochics said...

Good write up Surbhi:)

Ridhi Devsi said...

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