12 August 2013

To the Wom'e'n I Love :)

Who said love happens just once? Love happens so many times. First with parents, siblings, friends, that special someone, more friends and so on... Its a feeling which never sets in, love is forever.

This post is dedicated to the love(s) of my life; the Wom'e'n I Love <3

Behind every girl is another girl with whom she not just shares her wardrobe, endless gossips, relationship talks but shares a bond of a sister; a sister she never had :)

"We all have that one friend, who is totally opposite to us."

That one friends in my life is - Ramani. We have had our share of night stays, birthday parties, hanging out, silly pictures, frowning upon and supporting each other in all times. If she hates someone, I hate him/her too, its like automatic and we never really wanna know the reason why.

"People who are closest to you know exactly how you feel when you give them that look!"


To me that friend is - Shikha Malwe. She knows me right through me. A simple girl who asks nothing from life but happiness for her family and loved ones. She is that 4am friend who would message a 10-message space long text the next morning just to say sorry. Yeah that's Shikha, she might get senti and emo at times but she is a sweetheart! :*

Not that I would indulge in this but I know If I may, she'll be there for that, to accompany me.
"When something awful happens and you need to get drunk, there will be one friend who would totally support it."

To me that friend is - Kenali Mehta.
This girl by the way, is totally pissed off on me for not meeting her and going out since a really long time considering that both of us were inseparable in our 3rd year of college! But she knows I am there for her no matter what :) I bumped into her few days back and her smile made realise - some people never really change, they are there to meet you on the course of life... afterall, Life is about meeting the ones you love, halfway... :)

"When you are having an emotional turmoil and your friend is nowhere to be found, you WILL go insane."
Well I do, when Ruchika Mishra is nowhere to be found. I have had such times with her when I leave her a heartbreaking text or a sad message and this girl doesn't reply for a week straight. But when she does, it makes me restore in my system - why I love her :D

She is a friend since 9 years, the day we were in 8th std. I remember I found a friend in her when we would spend our times in Music room rehearsing for regional level dance or song competitions. We both hate Maths :P and we both Love Harry Potter! #sigh
I remember those afternoons spent in cyber cafe to read about harry potter and endless plannings to write him a fan mail, we never did though.

"When you need an ego boost, she will pour you wine and tell you you're pretty."
In my case, the girl I am talking about here won't take me for wine but would be more than glad to offer me her Dilli ke Gol Gappe and Chole Kulche :D
Say Hi to my Dilli wali GF - Shivani Goyal B-)

I remember those weekends walking and shopping and eating and talking on delhi streets! deciding what to buy and what not to, coming back home and realising what I should have bought and didn't. And to that; Miss. Shivani saying," Oye koi baat nahi yaar! Kal fir chaliyo shopping!" ;) How much I miss her for this! <3

"When she would fix your problem and not you."

Foram and Unnati - love both of them! Foram is my honeybunch; our innumerable gtalk chats are a testimony to that! ;) Be it late night assignments or last minute exam preps, exchanging notes over chats or staying up late to help in each other's projects; we have had or share of helping out and letting the best foot forward for each other when one of us needed the other the most!

This post can never be complete without the 2 most important girls of my life - My Mother and my elder sister :)

If I ask, they'll be brutally true about where I stand in life. My critics, support and my life - these two women makes my world prettier with their beautiful heart :)
They wouldn't let the problems touch me but would dive in and take it out before the waves touch the shore. They would see right through me and I know when I am doing wrong and where I can improve. We often fight, but what's sea without a ship and what's love without a little disagreement? :)

Thanks to not just the women mentioned above but all those whose presence in my life has brought a difference :)
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