13 August 2013

Independence Day with a difference - Live to Ride || Ride for a Cause

15th August 2013, being a public holiday; many of us will get up late and a few will get up in a rush to attend the flag hosting in our societies, children would run to their schools to attend cultural activities but there would be some who will celebrate the 67th Independence Day with a difference; on a road trip exploring the places unseen and standing for a difference in the society.

This 15th August, a new bread of passionate youth who believes in "Live to Ride" is admant about doing something revolutionary and world changing. This group of youngsters from the to-be-launched bikers club of Mumbai- "Brown Sparks Bikers Club", aim to ride for a cause with the 6 core members between the age group of 20-25 years; Gaurav - Head - video log creator editor, Ritvik- navigator, Shrey- safety officer, Nikhil- technical head, Siddhart- coordinator and Shonit- social coordinator and 8 other members from Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. The club stands on the brick which says - "Live to Ride, Ride for a Cause".

On 15th Aug 2013 BSBC kick starts with its first cause, "Ride for kids smile". The group will ride from Aamchi Mumbai to Mukhne village (Ratnagiri District), leaving at 7am in morning -  carrying footballs, snacks, books and crayons... sounds different? All this to free the village children from the agony - life has brought them.


Anyone with a passion to ride and belief in bringing the changing from within can join the BSBC Group on their first ride for a cause. A biker at heart who feels that a change needs to start somewhere is more then welcomed. No biker without helmet, proper jacket, shoes, full pants, license and important bike papers would be allowed to continue the ride with the club members.

If you think you can help them in any possible way for this cause; feel free to drop a line here: pistonhearted@gmail.com or call at +91 - 9819138077.

Stay updated on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BSBC2013


Monika said...

Interesting..Megha, It's a great way to do something different for good. Appreciate it.
Thanks for joining giveaway. Please share it with your fans and friends to spread about it more to reach the target. I will be thankful.

Megha Shrimali said...

Hi Monika :)
Thank you for the appreciation!
Sure, will share!