31 July 2013

Ruma Roka and her journey beyond sounds [Idea Caravan]

When an idea takes hold, nothing can stop it! - Stephen Richards

When it strikes the right chord, there is definitely no going back.

Firstly, thank you Indiblogger and TedEx for making such amazing videos accessible to all of us. Secondly, a big thank you to all the speakers in the videos, who makes me say - Wao! What a work!

There is Ruma Roka who is doing extraordinary by helping the deaf. She feels that learning should never stop. A simple idea to learn sign language and help those in need drives her life, now. Then there is Cynthiya Koenig who empathized with the pain of women who carry water on their heads and cover kilometers everyday. Christian Sarkar with an innovative low-cust housing solution, Neil Harbisson who has designed an “artificial” eye. There is also a research scholar who wants to put an end to a disease which takes our loved ones awa - cancer. Hats off to the great thoughts, the ideas, the courage and the great work!
Let's talk about the video which drives me to do something out of my life.

Ruma Roka and her journey beyond sounds... 

Deaf are not dumb. Watch this video and you'll know why am I saying this. Ruma Roka and Noida Deaf Society are working towards helping people with hearing difficulties and making them as employable as a person with “normal abilities”. A thought of helping out the needy drives her life. I second her point when she says that there are field where the work of differently-abled people is productive and that's where we should strive for them to be.

Big Change can happen with a small thought, a perspective, or just by thinking differently. 
Ideas are no ones monopoly. They have the power to change tomorrow. Be it about making such differently abled people ready to face life with confidence or making this earth greener, all it takes is an Idea!

Ideas are everywhere. Indiblogger is an idea, TedEx is a Idea, this blog post is an idea... A simple belief in existence of an idea or a thought is enough to change the stride of today. All it needs is that one step from your side; like Ruma took.
Do watch the amazing videos of Idea Caravan here: http://www.ftideacaravan.com/

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. This post is written for The Idea Caravan contest on Indiblogger


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