04 August 2013

Not just a word but world :)

How many of you have that friend who could do anything for you? I feel all of you reading this would say yes. Each one of us has that friend who is our world, our secret diary, the one who could blackmail you with all the deepest secrets and yet be the one you never stop confiding in.

A friend is someone who knows all about and loves you anyway!

Friend; its not just a word but a world to many of us. They take our tantrums and still accept us the way we are. Friends, not just a loved-by-all TV Show but a bond which lasts forever. True friends are not easy to find, you don't go and look for one, it comes to you. Like how they say True love comes to you and you don't run behind it.

Friend; a watchful protector? No, I am not talking about The Dark Knight even if my line is very much inspired by him. Don't you think friends somehow know what's wrong with you or what's troubling you without you even mentioning it? I have always wondered how my friend calls me the day I am actually feeling low and need her/him the most.

Friends are not just someone who you hangout with or send a message on days like today; but they are your second self. They are like that VISA; priceless BUT expiry-less! Not everyday you find someone who looks into your eyes and says - C'mon tell me what's wrong, I know something is. And you melt. You melt like you have been waiting for someone to come and ask you this.

All friends are special; be it school, college, office or the ones you never studied with but always sticked on to!

The first time I saw this movie; Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (yeah, its my favorite), I dreamt of having a best friend like Kajol and SRK are in the movie. Since then, I made a lot of friends and feel blessed to have some still with me since my childhood. And then I met someone in college. He is like that watchful protector, a silent guardian, someone like SRK is to Kajol, someone with whom I fight a lot but he somehow sees right through me, Yes! bang On! :) Well lets just call him The Batman, he loves when he is called that :P Isn't it Gaurav ;)

Friends; they don't believe in distance. All they believe in is the bond yous hare with them. My school time friends; College friends; the Delhi GF - Miss. Shivani :D, The Goa GF - Miss. Ruchika, The Mumbai GF - Miss. Ramani who is soon gonna go away to US and would come back only after 2years :( The other Mumbai GF who is not in the city today - Miss. Shikha! Well, I Love all of them! <3

I want to mention my awesomest and the deadliest childhood group - Linson, Sarath, Srinath, Ashish, Monika, Wrick, Sravanti, Meghna; guys I Love you all :*

Suhail, Kaushik, Ankit, Anshuman, Varun and Dipankar - my Mumbai Buddies :D Guys, you rock! B-)

People who stay close and I didn't meet over the past 1 year, I am sorry. I should have. Foram, Unnati, Kenali, Sayali, Deepika and Nidhi.

In this fast paced, no time outside phones and TV and Laptops hardly 2-3 of us would actually go and meet our friends. May be we will call or send a text? Send an e-card or may be a video chat? Belated meetings or celebrating Friendship Day? In all this, did you even try meeting them personally? You should. I didn't and I realise I should have. 
if you still can, get out of your homes and go meet that friend who gives that smile on your face when he/she says - What's wrong with you Ugly face? :D 
You getting what I want to say, don't you?
Go on, pick up the phone and call that friend is distant city; put on those chappals and ring the door bell of you nearby friend! All it takes is one step from your side and the rest will be taken by your friend :) Afterall, its all about meeting the ones you love halfway ^_^

#HappyFriendshipDay to all my readers!


Surbhi Agarwal said...

happie friendship day :)

Amit Pithadia said...

happy frienship day....nice post...

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jaynth busi said...

a good one.. made me remember my friends :)

Pooja puja said...

great... today is friend's day...
happy friendship day...
nice one...